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Weather Gods and Goddesses

Jul 3, 2021

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Civilizations world-wide have revered nature and even given names to different aspects.  Here, from a variety of sources are the names for just the weather gods from many and varied civilizations.

Achuhucanac: African Guanche rain god.

Aeolus: Greek god -- ruler (or king) of all the winds. Since the winds were conceived of as horse-shaped spirits, Aeolus was tilted Hippotades, "the reiner of horses," from the Greek hippos ("horse") and taden ("reined in tightly").

Aide: Basque goddess of the air.

Aether: Primeval Greek god of the bright, glowing upper air of heaven (or light).

Ambisagrus: Celtic god of weather (equivalent to Jupiter).

Amun: Egyptian god of creation and the wind.

Apeliotes: Greek god of the east wind.

Astraios: Greek god of the wind and stars.

Aten: Egyptian sun god.

Aura: Green Titan goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of the early morning.

Aurae: Greek nymphs of the breezes.

Aurora: Roman goddess of the dawn.

Barsamin: Armenian god of weather.

Binbeal: Australian god of rainbows.

Boreas: Greek god of the north wind called the cold breath of winter.

Caelus: Roman god of the sky (although the Romans preferred the Greek name Uranus)

Caillech Bheur: Scottish and Irish goddess of weather, earth, sky, seasons, moon and sun.

Cally Berry: Irish Celtic god of weather.

Chaos: Primeval Greek god of the air (literally the gap between heaven and earth). Chaos was the first of the primeval gods to emerge at the creation of the universe.

Denka: African Dinka god of sky, rain, and fertility

Enlil: Sumerian god of air and storms (means "lord of the wind").

Eos: Greek goddess of the dawn.

Erebos: Greek god of the south-east wind.

Favonius: Roman god of the west wind (although the Romans often used the Greek Zephr in poetry).

Fulgora: Roman goddess of lightning.

Freyer: Norse god of weather.

Gaoh: Iroquois master of the winds.

Harpyiai: Greek Daimons of whirlwinds and storm gusts.

Hekatonkheires: Three hundred-armed, fifty-headed giants gods of violent storms which they released from the gates of Tartarus.

Helios: Greek Titan god of the sun. Brother of Eos.

Hemera: The primeval Greek goddess of the day, born of Chaos and Erebos, who scattered the mists of her sister Nyx in the early morning.

Dies: Roman goddess of the day.

Heng: Huron spirit of thunder.

Hera: Greek goddess of the air.

Herse: Greek goddess of the morning dew

Hesperides: The goddess of the sunsets.

Hino: Iroquois sky god of the spirit of thunder.

Horae: Greek goddesses of the seasons usually named Eunomia, Eirene, and Dike.

Horagalles: Sami paraphrase of Thora Galles or Thoragalles and is another name for the Norse god of thunder (Thor).

Horus: African god of the sky.

Hotoru: Pawnee wind god.

Isaywa: African god of rain, storms, thunder, and lightning.

Iris: Greek and Roman goddess of the rainbow.

Juno: Roman goddess of the air.

Jupiter: Roman god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning; ruler of gods.

Kaikias: The Greek god of the north-east wind.

Khakaba: African god of rain, storms, and lightning.

Lei Shen: Chinese god of thunder also called Lei Gong or Lei Kung.

Leucetios: Celtic god of thunder and storms.

Lips: The Greek god of the south-west wind.

Lugh: Celtic sun god.

Mungo: African god of rain.

Negafook: Inuit god of weather systems

Nenaunir: African evil god of storms

Nephelai: Greek cloud nymphs

Notos: Greek god of the south wind known as the god of summer rain storms.

Nun: African god of water and chaos.

Nut: Egyptian goddess of the sky who covers the Earth.

Nyx: The primeval Greek goddess of the night born of Chaos and Erebos.

Perkele: Finnish supreme god of thunder -- originally referred to as Ukko

Perun: Slavic god of thunder and lightning. He carries a mightly axe.

Poseidon: Greek god of earthquakes, storms, and the sea.

Ra: African sun god.

Rock-Sens: African god of rain, thunder, and lightning.

Saranyu: Hindu goddess of the dawn and the clouds

Sekhmet: Egyptian sun goddess

Shango: African Yoruba god of thunder, storms, war (carries a double-headed axe much like Thor).

Shu: Egptian god of the wind and air.

Skadi: Norse goddess of winter and hunting.

Skiron: Greed god of the north-west wind.

Sol: Roman god of the sun also called Phoebus.

Stribog: Slavic god and spirit of the winds, sky and air.

Summanus: Roman god of nocturnal thunderstorms.

Tawhiri: Maori (ancient New Zealand) god of weather including thunder, lightning, wind, clouds, and storms.

Tefnut: Egyptian goddess of moisture.

Teshub: Hurrian (ancient near east) god of sky and storm.

Theia: Greek Titan goddess of the shining light of the clear blue sky.

Thor: Norse god of sky and thunder.

Uenuku: Maori god of rainbows.

Ukko: Finnish god of sky, weather, and crops. Finnish work for thunderstorm (ukkonen) is derived from his name. Ukko's weapon was a hammer by which he struck lightning.

Uku: Estonian equivalent of Finnish Ukko.

Uranus: Primeval Greek god of the sky (or the solid dome of heaven).

Utixo: African god of rain, storms, and thunder.

Utu: Sumerian sun god.

Varuna: Hindu god of the sky.

Wele: African sky god of rain, storms, and lightning.

Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti: Chinese god of the sky.

Zephyrus: Greek god of the wind wind known as the god of spring breezes.

Zeus: Greek god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning; ruler of gods.

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