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February Birthstone - Amethyst.

Feb 15, 2021

Image: Amethyst crystals -
For people with February birthdays, Amethyst makes a perfect February birthstone according to
This is because February is often short, cold, and dark for a lot of people around the world, and Amethyst is often associated with stability, courage, and peace.
It’s just the right gemstone for anyone who needs extra warmth and energy during this time of the year.
A gorgeous violet quartz, Amethyst is a very recognizable gemstone. But you will be surprised because you don’t know everything there is to know about this stone!
Exploring the depths of Amethyst birthstone meaning, whether for yourself or for someone you love, will help you to gain some keen insight into their personality.
What Is The Birthstone For February?
Amethyst is this month’s birthstone. It’s a kind of quartz that carries a wonderful violet hue which ranges from a deep violet to red to a lighter lilac shade.
Ancient Greeks believed that this stone protected the person wearing it from drunkenness and helped keep the wearer clear headed and sober minded.
Amethyst is definitely a stone that is immersed in history and lore!
The name Amethyst came from the Alexandrian word amethystos, which means ‘to not intoxicate’.
Legend has it that god of wine Dionysus wanted to punish men for disregarding his creation because of their overindulgence and mindless drinking.
Dionysus descended from Mount Olympus and punished the first person he came across, turning this person into a white quartz. This human was said to be a beautiful woman named Amethyst.
He immediately felt remorse over what he had done when he saw the woman and began to cry tears of wine over her statue.
As the wine seeped through the white quartz, it changed color from white to purple. It is said that all Amethyst stones originated from this statue.
Because of this association with the Greek god of wine, ancient Greeks believe that Amethyst protects you against intoxication.
However, Amethyst is not just here to stop you from getting drunk. It also works as an emotional stimulant that inspires hidden creativity and awakens worn out imagination.
By soothing your stressed mind that has been intoxicated by worldly passions, Amethyst allows your ideas to flow freely.
Approaching it with a deeper perspective of intoxication, Amethyst does not only protect you from physical intoxication but also from emotional and spiritual drunkenness.
Whether or not these beliefs are true, Amethyst is undeniably a gorgeous stone that should be a part of anyone’s jewelry collection!
This February birthstone is used to manifest peace and serenity to whoever wears it.
It concentrates your energy and is an excellent cancer healing stone as well.
It’s recommended to wear Amethyst in the area of the body that needs healing. An Amethyst pendant can be worn near the lungs or the heart to help heal breathing issues and circulation problems.
Amethyst can be placed inside your home, especially beside windows that get a lot of sunlight and moonlight. Doing so scatters positive energies around, dispels negativity, and keeps the peaceful atmosphere.
What Are The Key Traits Of The February Birthstone?
Amethyst is a symbol of courage and strong relationships. There was a time in history when only royalty could wear the gem.
Maybe because ancient Greeks thought that Amethyst guarded people against intoxication.
Amethyst speaks of royalty, serenity, peace, and temperance. It’s also a symbol of protection and helps you overcome difficulties.
It promotes self-control and strengthens the bond between two people in a romantic relationship. It’s also known to stabilize your restless mind and strengthen your emotional and mental well-being.
People who have Amethyst as their birthstone are daydreamers because they have a calm and mellow personality. They prefer to avoid confrontations and are quite spiritual.
They spend a lot of time thinking about all the things that they want to do and all the things that they want to achieve. They dream up scenarios of meeting people, of impressing the world, and of being adored by everyone.
If Amethyst is your stone, you’re very creative, and you’re a force to be reckoned with. You don’t take things sitting down, especially when other people are in the wrong.
But you’re also humble and quiet. You crave for your freedom. You are perfectly content to spend time by your lonesome and nourish yourself.
People with this birthstone tend to be stubborn and daring, and they always follow their dreams.
They don’t back away from arguments, especially when they are fighting for what they think is right, but they also don’t have any problems admitting when they’re at fault.
Amethysts represent royalty, serenity, and peace.
It’s also associated with the god of wine Dionysus, which is why people born under this birthstone have such healthy and strong stomachs.
They can enjoy their drink without becoming too drunk. They can remain sober and have a clear mind at all times. Those who wear this stone stay protected from darkness and negativity.
They are also sensitive and imaginative, kind and compassionate, unworldly and selfless, and sympathetic and intuitive.
Sometimes they have a tendency to become too idealistic or escapist. They can also become vague and secretive, easily led, or weak-willed.
Those who have Amethyst as their birthstone have abstract thoughts. They love both reality and the abstract.
They are very clever and intelligent. They use these thoughts to improve the work they do in their careers and to find the best resolutions to their personal problems.
However, their personalities also tend to change often. They can be quiet and shy one moment, and then temperamental and aggressive the next.
February Amethyst people are sexy and attractive. They love their freedom, and they are determined to reach their goals. But they will not forget about pampering themselves and having the rest that they deserve.
They can also become rebellious when restricted. They are ambitious, daring, and stubborn.
They will not stop until they realize their hopes and dreams. If you don’t believe in their cause, they are better off without you.
February birthstone people are also honest, loyal, and humble. They love making new friends but rarely show how much they enjoy it. They’re also romantic on the inside but have difficulty demonstrating it.
They love spending time on leisure and entertainment but are a spendthrift. They don’t like anything that’s unnecessary.
They have a very sharp mind and instinct, but they are also too sensitive and very easily hurt.
They get angry easily, but they don’t let other people see it. They can also become quite superstitious.
Amethyst’s Color And Its Meaning
Amethyst is violet in color. It symbolizes protection, and its violet color meaning includes protection against drunkenness and overall bad health.
The Amethyst possesses a distinct violet color, but other stones display different colors, from light pink to dark violet.
The most popular Amethyst color is a vivid violet with tinges of a pink rose. Very few stones are homogeneous in their color owing to a distinct and layered crystal structure.
A few stones also have blue and red tones. The different colors exhibited by this birthstone has led to its popularity and massive following all over the world.
No matter the color of the Amethyst, however, the February birthstone meaning is always the same. This is a crystal of higher consciousness, of tapping into realms beyond yourself, and of staying cool under pressure.
These are all characteristics that people born in February often have in abundance, meaning that this crystal is a superb accentuating factor for their natural ways.
But of course, the essence of that rich purple color, among others, is a rich reminder of the traits of people born as Aquarius or Pisces in astrology in February.
Amethysts are among the most popular gemstones in the world and the most widely known violet-colored rock.
They were once ranked alongside other popular stones like Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires.
Amethyst has truly been utilized as a part of adornments and associated with numerous powers. It was considered so important that at a certain point, Amethysts were just accessible to royalty.
Amethyst used to be very costly, but after substantial deposits were found in Brazil, prices dove. Not at all like with Diamonds, the supply was never firmly controlled and no false shortage existed.
While the excellence of this gemstone continued as before, its value dropped. Despite its value, Amethyst remained beautiful and alluring like it has always been.
This exceptionally flexible rock can be used in a variety of ways: vases, lapel pins, hoods, and even decorative showcases.
The most popular use of an Amethyst, much like any other precious stone, is jewelry. Be that as it may, before going on a bling-purchasing binge, assess the color of your Amethyst first.
Color is the most crucial factor with regards to Amethysts. What you should look out for is zoning.
Since an Amethyst can come in very large chunks, their colors can often be diluted or weakened and spread unevenly all over the gemstone.
A few Amethyst stones have deeply saturated rich purple colors. These are the types of Amethyst that are famous in the jewelry world and are clearly more valuable.
In spite of the fact that zoning lowers the value of Amethysts, that doesn’t imply that they are worthless. These crystals still make wonderful adornments.
A standout amongst the most well-known Amethyst adornments is an Amethyst geode. Geodes are hollow spherical rock structures that are lined with minerals inside.
Amethyst geodes are frequently cut into equal parts or different portions. They are widely used in many spiritual ways, including crystal healing.
All things considered, the purpose of having an Amethyst is to shield yourself from overindulgence.
Clearness is likewise important because this allows the Amethyst crystal to reflect light out of the surface.
On the off chance that the stone contains inclusions that obstruct the movement of light, it can affect its brilliance. No one needs a gemstone loaded with inclusions!
Amethysts that are cut for jewelry do not contain obvious defects. When searching for an Amethyst, ensure that there are no inclusions inside the stone and that it is brilliant and clear.
For crystals with insignificant or no zoning, faceting is more suitable since the objective of faceting is to allow the stone to reflect as brilliant a light as possible.
Depending on the size of the stone and the dispersion of its color, any kind of cut is desirable, be it cushion marquise, triangle, or emerald.
Amethysts can be found in different sizes. If you like huge center stones, Amethyst makes a good choice because its price does not go up as the carat weight goes up, too.
Sometimes when crystals are in their natural form, their colors become muted or don’t show up on the crystal.
Think of a painfully shy person that just needs a little encouragement to step forward and blossom right before your eyes. For an Amethyst, this encouragement is heat.
Heating is the most widely recognized treatment used on Amethysts. When a piece of Amethyst is just too dull, too light, or too dark, heat treatments can influence the magnificence of the stone.
By heating, colors can be changed into something darker or lighter. It can also completely change the color of the crystal.
For instance, if a transparent or somewhat green Amethyst is heated, it can transform into a splendid royal purple.
Additionally, as extremely dark crystals can look just plain dark, heating can help the crystal bring it to a more pleasant, energetic shade of violet.
Amethyst is a generally hard stone, being a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Yet it is considerably softer than Diamonds, Sapphires, or Moissanite, implying that it can, without much of a stretch, get damaged.
Caring for an Amethyst is very simple. You can remove dust and oil deposits on the stone with warm soapy water.
Aside from general cleaning, you should take extra care while wearing the stone. Refrain from knocking or scratching the stone against a tough surface.
When putting away your Amethyst, keep it away from harder stones and metals that could scratch its surface.
Heat is Amethyst’s biggest enemy. Repeated exposure to extreme heat or sunlight can cause the color to fade or change, so try as much as possible to stay away from it.
Harsh chemicals like chlorine can likewise hurt the stone and the band of the ring. Avoid wearing your Amethyst while sunbathing, swimming, washing the dishes, or doing the laundry.
This stone has been revered throughout the ages and continues to be sought after for its well-cut appearances, energetic colors, and health advantages. It’s truly no surprise why!
While most couples readily pick Diamonds, there are some others who want to be different. If you’re one of those people, you definitely need to consider an Amethyst engagement ring or wedding band.
While not as hard as a Diamond, they are tough and cost just a fraction of the cost of Diamonds. Amethysts can stand out well on their own, which is why you should be cautious in picking the band in which to mount your precious purple stone.
It’s a delightful gemstone that ranges in color, from a light pink violet, dark red, to blue-purple violet. It complements various metals and settings.
Amethyst strengthens your aura and chakras, getting rid of negative energies in your body and helping you to move forward in your life and reach higher levels of consciousness.
Amethyst necklaces have been worn by ancient people to prevent them from being addicted to unhealthy habits.
They are also worn as a protective talisman that will guard you against negative psychic attacks.
Wearing an Amethyst necklace will also help you overcome your addictions to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other bad habits.
Amethyst will also assist you with dream work and meditation. It will boost your psychic abilities and increase your intuition.
When you need support in breaking free from harmful habits and limiting behaviors, wearing an Amethyst necklace will help you achieve your goals.
Amethyst will cleanse your environment of all traces of negativity. It will also block geopathic stress.
Wear an Amethyst if you want to calm your mind from your worries and fears. It will also help give you clarity when you need to make an important decision.
It will also work on balancing, unlocking, and cleansing your chakras, especially your upper chakras.
Everyone can benefit from wearing an Amethyst. It’s best worn by people in the workplace because it will do wonders in keeping the negative energies at bay.
It will boost your energy, keep you sharp in mind, and keep the creative energies flowing. It’s also a must-have stone for anyone who’s working in the healing profession.
The high vibrations of this stone will protect your energy field from your patients and clients who are not healthy physically or mentally.
It’s also a great stone to have inside the home because it brings harmony and peace. It also provides protective energies from external influences.
Still, the best way to work with Amethyst is to keep it close to your skin by wearing it as a necklace.
Amethyst is a gemstone regularly worn by healers as it has the ability to center your energy and vitality. A healer will typically wear a few pieces of jewelry with Amethysts set in silver.
The individual to be healed will have an Amethyst to hold while the healing session is being conducted.
The healer will put another piece of Amethyst on the part of the body that needs healing, usually, the heart or lungs, as Amethyst is used for issues in the blood and with breathing.
Amethyst crystal clusters are also used to keep the air and life force inside your home clear and positive.
Amethyst set in a window that enjoys a large amount of sunlight is extremely useful in recuperating and clearing away pessimism in the home.
You can put Amethyst under the moonlight to invoke a feeling of indescribable calm and quiet.
Amethyst works as a very effective sedative that mitigates anxiety. This birthstone is known to relieve peevishness and adjust your state of mind, mood swings, and hot temper.
It reduces bitterness and pain, enacts otherworldly mindfulness, and attempts to cleanse spaces of negative vibrations.
Its rich purple color sets well with any outfit, whether trendy or traditional, and well-cut stones give more beauty and shape to rings and necklaces.
Amethyst looks amazing when mixed with silver and gold, making it a favorite choice for necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and other adornments.
Those born in February are honored with a rich, distinctive violet gemstone that works not only to enhance any outfit but provide a variety of healing properties for your physical and mental well-being.

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