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This Is What Your Feet May Tell You About Your Personality

Jan 3, 2021

Image: Your feet show your personality, too -
We’re all familiar with fortune tellers who claim to be able to divine deep insight into our lives from the lines that crisscross our palms according to But did you know that your feet also have stories to tell? According to ancient Chinese and Indian philosophies, everything from the shape of your feet to the angle of your toes can reveal your true personality – so read on to find out their secrets.
Many believe that having wide feet equates to you being a hard worker. If you’re wide footed then you’re the sort of person who needs to always be busy – meaning that it’s sometimes difficult for you to feel able to take time to relax and reflect.
If your feet are narrow, it’s said that you may well have a love for the finer things in life, plus a penchant for pampering and being in attractive surroundings. What’s more, you’re excellent at assigning tasks to others – perhaps chores like running you a perfumed bath, for example.
It’s believed that if your big toes are noticeably lengthier than their smaller friends, it suggests you’re a creative type who’s full of ideas. On the other hand, if those big toes are a little on the small side, you’re likely to be a people person and great at multi-tasking – good things all round, really.
The lengths of your second toes are thought to denote leadership qualities, so the longer they are, the more it may mean that you like things to happen your way. In Trinidad and Tobago, local folklore even has it that a woman with a second toe that’s longer than her big toe will dominate her husband.
Your third toes are said to be an indicator of determination and drive, and if you have long ones, the Chinese believe that it means you have plenty of willpower. Still, don’t fret if your third toes are somewhat shorter than average; in fact, you probably won’t fret in the first place, as – so we’re told – you’re more prone to chilling out instead and don’t generally let life overwhelm you.
Your fourth toes are believed to reveal a lot about your relationships with family and those you love. If they’re long and straight, family is important to you; any curled fourth toes, though, could indicate that you may not always be on great terms with your nearest and – usually – dearest.
If you have small baby toes, it’s likely that you exhibit many childlike tendencies – or so the thinking goes. And while you might be reluctant to take on responsibility, at least you’ll always be up for a laugh.
High arches on your feet suggest that you’re a solitary sort who enjoys your own company. Flatter feet, on the other hand, are said to point to your social butterfly status as well as the idea that you’re somewhat reliant on the support of others.
It’s held that toes which neatly increase in size from the small toe onward can indicate a similarly balanced personality. You’re practical, loyal and can be relied upon to get things done. Be careful, though, as your scrupulous attention to detail might lead you to unfairly judge others when they don’t meet your own meticulous standards.
Got flaky skin on your feet? Well, Chinese medicine associates the skin with your ability to cope with life. So if the surface of your feet is in poor condition, you may just need to chill out and take care of yourself more often.
Bunions may be painful, so here’s some consolation: they’re apparently indicative of a kind heart. Your own bunions could mean, then, that you’re prioritizing others’ needs ahead of your own and feeling overloaded as a consequence.
Acallus anywhere on your feet is a sign that something is up, but if there’s one on the ball of your foot in particular, it may indicate that you’re putting yourself through the wringer too much – or even just that you need to stand up a bit straighter, since the aforementioned part of the body is said to represent the shoulders.
Crooked toes aren’t always a bad thing. If your little toe isn’t straight, for example, many believe that you’re a one-of-a-kind individual with a quirky, unconventional personality. If the last joint of your third toe is somewhat angled, by contrast, your seemingly effortless capability to deceive others might make you excellent at espionage.
Be proud, rather than ashamed, of your webbed toes, as they could indicate a high level of intelligence. If those second and third toes are webbed, however, there’s something else to note: your sense of self-worth could very well be linked with the success – or otherwise – of your chosen endeavors.
Do you find it easy to bend and flex your feet, or are they stiff and rigid? If it’s the latter, it could reflect your attitude. People with inflexible feet are, similarly, thought to have a tendency to be narrow-minded and set in their ways.
Athlete’s foot isn’t just an itchy and uncomfortable way of your body telling you that you need to get to a pharmacist. Apparently, it also means that you’re a bit short-tempered on occasion and tend to let those little niggling issues affect you more than they really should.
If there is a gap between your big toe and your second toe, it’s suggested that you are impulsive and tend to act before thinking. Meanwhile, a space between your second and third toe denotes rather the opposite: that you’re less prone to letting your emotions rule your head and would rather push them away.
It’s not as uncommon as you might think for your feet to change size during your adult years. If you find that your feet have gotten bigger, then, well there’s another deeper meaning to it, perhaps: that a positive change in your life is seeking to be recognized.
Hard skin on the heel area of your foot should make you contemplate more than just booking yourself in for a pedicure. That’s because it suggests that you might be unsure about your path in life and don’t really know what to do next.
Even the pads of your toes and their relative size can tell you something about yourself, so we’re told. If they’re oversized, for example, you’re likely to be someone who thinks carefully and hard about everything before ever making any firm decisions.

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