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Toothpaste Uses Beyond Brushing That You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Aug 17, 2020

Image: Toothpaste is for more than teeth -
During the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth, you should think about how magical toothpaste is according to It’s a fairly inexpensive product, which comes in a fun squeezy tube, that literally makes your mouth fresh and healthy. It’s definitely does wonders, even beyond your teeth and gums.
Toothpaste is a universal salve for countless household problems. From removing complicated stains and grime to easing the sting of a pesky burn, toothpaste is eagerly waiting in your medicine cabinet to save the day — and in ways you'll wish you knew way sooner.
1. Smear on the sink: Dropping your entire glop of toothpaste off your brush isn’t a bad thing, no matter what your mom told you. In fact, use that toothpaste to clean out the bowl of your bathroom sink.
2. Brighten white shoes: What toothpaste does for your pearly whites it can also do for your not-so-white trainers. Apply the toothpaste to dingy areas of your shoes and scrub with a cloth or brush. After a good rinse, your shoes will be crisply clean.
3. Unstick gum: There comes a time in everyone’s life when they’re up against a hank of gum-tangled hair. While butter and peanut butter are usually the first things people reach for, toothpaste works to break down the sugars in the gum, loosening it.
4. Defog goggles: Nothing is more annoying than perpetually foggy goggles, whether you’re swimming for sport or just for a splash. If you fill your goggles with a thin coating of toothpaste, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. They should stay fog-free temporarily.
5. Smarten up piano keys: Tickling the ivories on a regular basis eventually turns the keys an unpleasant shade of yellow. Carefully, scrub the keys with a damp brush and toothpaste. When you wipe down the finished product, you’ll be surprised by the result.
6. Odor blocker: Even those with the most heightened scent sensitivity can accomplish the most odoriferous activities with the help of toothpaste. Block your nostrils with a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste to create a fresh, minty barrier.
7. Mend scratched DVDs: For those of us who haven’t parted with our scratched up CDs and DVDs, there’s help hiding in your medicine cabinet. Take a cloth and a bit of toothpaste to the discs and gently work at the problem areas then rinse.
8. Un-scuff leather: While you’re already working on revamping your dirty shoe collection, turn your attention to your leather goods. Shoes, jackets, bags - whatever it may be, you can work out scuffs with a cloth and a dab of toothpaste.
9. Whiten computer keys: Apple users don’t need to spend any additional money to fix grimy laptop keys. With a cloth and a bit of toothpaste, lightly buff at the keys to restore them to their former glory.
10. Clean iron: You need to be careful with the products you use on the surface of your iron. It’s possible to inadvertently stain your clothing, but a gel toothpaste and water remove oils from hands and set in gunk.
11. Brighten car headlights: A quick way to spiff up your car involves toothpaste, paper towels, and a bit of elbow grease. It’s frankly shocking how much brighter your beams will be after rinsing those headlights clean.
12. Buff phone scratches: Little nicks and scratches in tablets, phone screens, and watches are easily remedied with a swipe of toothpaste. Now, be conservative with how much you use or else you could damage your technology.
13. Remove permanent marker: If your kids scrawl out a surprise wall mural in sharpie, there’s hope for you. Specifically, Colgate whitening toothpaste expertly removes the most invincible stains and odd surfaces like couches, walls, and electronics.
14. Itch reliever: Toothpaste serves as a fast-acting spot treatment for itchy bug bites and bothersome scabs. A gel toothpaste works best for cooling itch relief, though either way, it reduces swelling and redness.
15. Food hand smells: Good cooks rejoice! You can handle as many eye-watering onions or cloves of garlic as you want without having to smell it on your fingers for hours afterward. Use a bit of toothpaste along with your hand soap to eliminate the odor.
16. Treat stained nails: To give your fingers a fresh healthy makeover, coat them in whitening toothpaste and let it rest for several minutes. To go the extra mile, scrub at your cuticles and nail beds with a toothbrush for stain-free strong nails.
17. Pimple treatments: This little skincare trick has been around for so long that people question its validity. But toothpaste is an effective salve that minimizes blemishes. Opt for a traditional paste, not the gel, to dry up zits overnight.
18. Burn soother: Apart from running it under cold water, relieving the pain of a minor burn is pretty unavoidable, unless you give toothpaste a try. What it lacks in healing properties, toothpaste makes up in its instantaneous cooling comfort.
19. Polish silver jewelry: Toothpaste stands up against most store-bought jewelry cleaners; yep, even on diamonds. Designate a specific toothbrush for this task and add just a touch of it, scrub, and rinse; just be wary of the drain!


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