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World Lion Day

Aug 10, 2020

Image: Male lion drowsing in the sun -
Together we can save the lions according to
Now Is The Time For Action
It is essential for immediate action to protect and save the lions from future extinction. World Lion Day is at the forefront of highlighting the true plight of the wild lion populations.
Together We Can Make A Difference
Our mutual efforts to bring about awareness of the plight of the reducing global population of lions is front and center to the mission of World Lion Day in reaching the world with our message.
Let Your Voice Be Heard
You can make global difference in protecting and saving the wild lion population through adding our World Lion Day textual links or graphical banners to your website.
Get Involved!  Your efforts do matter
Let you voice be heard. Help spread the word about World Lion Day in its global efforts to protect and save the lions and end the decline of wild lion populations. Your involvement makes a real difference to the lion’s conservation and protection efforts.
Help World Lion Day spread the word by getting involved in its global effort to protect and save the lions by adding our banners to your website. (
Charity Support:  Your money can help save the lions
World Lion Day supports and promotes charities and foundations that instill awareness of the great need for conservation efforts and sustainable solutions for addressing the global dwindling wild lion population in fulfilling our mission to protect and save the lions.
Lion Charities
World Lion Day is proud in presenting below a list of charities that we support through our website in helping to promote awareness for their nonprofit goals and in their charitable fundraising efforts.
African Conservation Foundation
African Lion & Environmental Research Trust
African Parks
African Wildlife Foundation
Carnivore Research Malawi
Conservation Lower Zambezi
Defenders of Wildlife
Desert Lion Conservation
Ewaso Lions
Global White Lion Protection Trust
Gorongosa Lion Project
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Lion Guardians
Niassa Carnivore Project
Protecting African Lions
Ruaha Carnivore Project
Save Animals Facing Extinction
Saving The Lion Foundation
Tashinga Initiative
Uganda Conservation Foundation
Wildlife Conservation Network
World Wildlife Fund


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