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Meaning of the July Birthstones.

Jul 21, 2020

Image: Examining a ruby -
There are several important July birthstones according to, including Ruby, Sapphire, Carnelian, Onyx, Sardonyx, and Turquoise, all depending on the interpretation of birthstones in question.
The two Zodiac signs that can be found in the month of July are Cancer and Leo, with Cancer having the larger share of this month. If you are born in either one of them, check this article to find what crystals, potentially, might be the best choice for you.
Ruby - One of the most esteemed gemstone of July is Ruby. In fact, the modern chart designates this gemstone as a major birthstone for July. It is also a traditional gemstone of this month in some cultures. Quality Rubies of larger size are very rare and one would have to pay top dollar to acquire them. That’s why the value or Ruby increases with size almost exponentially.
The word ruby has its origin in the Latin language and it means red. Several centuries ago, people were not aware of the today’s scientific classification of minerals, and the Ruby category had to include many other mineral types, including spinel, garnet and tourmaline of red color.
The chemical composition of Ruby is aluminum oxide. This is the well known mineral family of corundum, which basically has two most distinguished members: Ruby and Sapphire. Only red corundum specimens are called Rubies, all the other colors, including blue, green, brown, yellow, purple, and black are Sapphires.
Mianmar is the country of origin of the most delicate and highly valued rubies with color that resembles pigeon’s blood. Thailand is another famous location for quality Rubies.
In ancient times, the legends say, Ruby was a self-radiant stone that contained the essence of life in the form of a drop of Mother Earth’s blood. The ancient peoples of the Orient believed that Rubies, in fact, were ripe Sapphires and that when Sapphires were buried in the ground and the required amount of time had passed, they would turn into Rubies. A popular belief from the Middle Ages was that Rubies could turn their color to darker red or even brown as a warning sign of forthcoming problems and bad luck, so their owners were given enough time to prepare themselves for the future misfortune.
Rubies are believed to be able to increase stamina and mental strength and boost courage. They are thought to eliminate fatigue and depression. They can also awaken passion, including sexual stamina and passion for life, for new experiences and ideas. They stimulate your motivation and creativity and make you truthful while you follow your goals.
Rubies are great stones when you are feeling inert and locked up, unable to make a move toward fulfilling your life goals. With their positive and refreshing energy, they can help you move forward.
Ruby is related to the heart energy center, but it can also stimulate the pineal gland. Ruby is believe to help the blood circulation and blood vessels.
Carnelian is also considered a July birthstone. Carnelian comes in red, yellow, orange, and brown colors. It can be striped in part, and is usually polished to a higher luster. Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony capable of boosting energy and passion. It also brings psychic vitality and joy. The mystical and spiritual interpretation of birthstones connects Carnelian and Aries.
Onyx is another traditional birthstone for July. The color of Onyx can span a wide range.  Onyx can be red, gray, black, white, blue, yellow, purple or even brown. It is a great grounding and protective stone. Sardonyx is a variety of banded Onyx.
Sapphire is a July birthstone in some Eastern traditions. It promotes peace and calm. Sapphire is often referred to as a stone of destiny. It symbolizes truth and honesty. It helps us improve our communication and release our depressive mood. It brings clarity, and clear mental perception.
Turquoise is the main traditional birthstone of the month of July. The color of Turquoise is cyan green. The healing properties of this stone include preventing panic attacks and destructive behavior, providing strength, and treating psychological traumas. It brings sensitivity, judgment and clarity.
Still not sure what stone to choose?
If you still don’t know what is the right birthstone for you, calm your mind for a moment and listen to your heart and intuition. Are you drawn to some of the described stones? If the answer is yes, think no further. That’s your stone.


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