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Tarot Card of the Day by StarzGnosis - 8 of Wands

Jun 25, 2016


Keyword: Movement Song: "The Distance" by Cake

In the Rider-Waite-Smith version, there's 8 wands hurtling through the air. They're going East on a downward path. Southeast to be precise.

Soon, they will kiss the land either softly or firmly. Which will it be? That's not known.

This Tarot card is unique among all 78 Tarot cards. Why?

There's no animals or people present at all. None. That's quite a curious choice by A. E. Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith.

Perhaps it's a clear call to swift action? Without a doubt, the 8 of Wands is moving fast! Like a pebble in a slingshot.

Or, a call to go back to basics? How so?

Consider this, you've worked and toiled and championed for your cause, or causes. You've fund-raised, you've campaigned and you've faced opposition. You've even taken a stance that was wrong.

You've gone so far afield, that you may as well be three-quarters of the way to Mordor by now. And that's a long way to go for someone from The Shire.

If Lord of the Rings isn't for you, you've set out to get support on the campaign trail. You've given speech after speech trying to win voters.

Now, the 8 of Wands says, "Get back to basics. Return to your core." Pause for a moment to reflect.

What action can you take that will best serve your electoral campaign? What action can you take that will best serve your cause or causes?

The 8 of Wands should show someone preparing to let 8 wands fly. How come they're flying southeast and not northeast?

The answer is, "Because A.E. Waite decided that's what should be on this Tarot card." But that's not the fun or intuitive answer. I have a theory on that.

They're headed southeast because the person who let them fly decided on that direction. Because it made the most sense and was the most effective direction to move in.

This individual whomever they were, sat down and plotted a course. A course that would maximize her efforts and be the most cost-effective. And so, she sent 8 wands flying southeast.

There's an adage, "Any port in a storm." And while that serves well for storms, it doesn't fit for calm seas.

So, have a plan of action. And stick to it!

Revisit it from time to time to make sure you're still on course.

What if you don't have a plan of action to act upon? The 8 of Wands has your back!

How so? Sit down with a Tarot reader, like myself, or another StarzPsychic. And request a "Plan of Action" Tarot reading that will feature the 8 of Wands.

Side note: I don't normally suggest requesting a specific Tarot card be present in a Tarot spread. It defeats the purpose of random and Divein guidance.

I'm making the exception because today's card is the 8 of Wands. Also because this is an "exploratory" Tarot reading spread.

In this tarit reading, the 8 of Wands is the first and central Tarot card. There are four other Tarot cards that are randomly drawn.

The card that 8 of Wands points to is the Seed of The Plan of Action. The other 3 Tarot cards are other possible Plans.

The spread is further built once the 8 of Wands points the way. So say, you have in your Plan of Action spread: the 8 of Wands in the center.

To the northeast, is The Chariot. To the northwest, is the 10 of Wands. To the southwest, is the Ace of Swords and finally, the southeast holds The Empress.

Your seed would be The Empress. That's the core of the Plan of Action. Then, you draw the Fool, the 3 of Swords and the 5 of Cups.

Your Plan of Action would be, "I nurture myself and others (The Empress). I allow innocence and fresh starts to lead the way (The Fool).

"I honor the center of my thoughts and stay out of negative thought loops (3 of Swords). I find a way to bridge the gap between my regrets and the emotions that will lift me up. Those that will urge me to go boldly forward with excitement (5 of Cups)!"

See, it's very easy to forma Plan of Action. And it's sort of fun too!

Behold! A nearly painless Plan of Attack at your fingertips! Good luck!

StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis) loves movement and change, once she's accepted it! She loves new experiences and people. She lives to get more people into her favorite TV shows Wynonna Earp and Once Upon a Time are current favorites. Want to set up your very own Plan of Action Tarot spread reading?

Visit her at :

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