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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Angel Reading Cards by Debbie Malone and Amalia I Chitulescu

Mar 24, 2020


Angel of Manifestation

"What you think, you create.  Think about what you really want in life.  The time is right to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality."

"Affirmation:  My Angel of Manifestation is always by my side.  It is important to focus my energy on manifesting my wishes.  I trust that my Angel of Manifestation is with me to give me the most positive outcome possible for my soul's development.  I believe in my Angel of Manifestation."

Interpretation below by StarzRainsLovingInsight

    Have you had many wishes that just haven't come to fruition for you?  Do you continue to wish even against all odds?  This card drawn today is a good omen for you for things to come in regards to your wishes!  

    I must warn you though, make sure this is for your highest and purest good and not for things of selfishness or used for harming others.  That is not what this angel of manifestation is for.

    To receive this make sure to visualize what it is you wish for and spend time facilitating the outcome.  Every waking and sleeping moment, make sure to send positive energy about what it is your are manifesting.  Remember though that our wishes don't manifest overnight.  It will take time and patience.

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The deck is Angel Reading Cards by Debbie Malone and Amalia I Chitulescu, US Games Systems Inc.
Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc

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