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Happy Birthday to Our Founder & CEO - Natalie.

Nov 24, 2019

Natalie/StarzCast - Founder and CEO of PlanetStarz, Inc.
It’s been an eventful year for Natalie/StarzCast!  Her “babies,” - all the sites associated with Planet Starz, Inc. – Starz Psychics, Mystic Living Today, Starz BlogTalkRadio, The Starz Emporium – have all been having great success.  More and more folks are visiting the sites and more and more clients have signed up for an account to get paid readings.  Add to that the amazing Reader/Advisors she’s interviewed and certified to join the Starz Family, you have something to celebrate!!
On the mundane side, the inside of her house has brand new carpeting and she’s learning more and more about how the Internet works and what her sites have to offer. Her cat, Mooshee, a Maine Coon, is still keeping her company even through howling hurricanes!
She’s thoroughly conversant with the intricate language of owning and operating a highly successful place where people can come for information, advice, guidance and even friendship.  And she's ready to announce some new Starz products for everyone's enjoyment very soon!
Natalie has worked hand in glove with her Web Master, Tony, to create a friendly atmosphere for everyone, Readers and Clients, alike.  More improvements are being worked on day after day and it’s only to make all the parts of Planet Starz, Inc. a user-friendly, happy place.
New and unusual topics are being brought to listeners of the Starz Blog Talk Radio events on Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM Eastern.  Experts visit to bring information to one and all as well as fantastic guests with fascinating stories to tell.

More and more talented writers are coming to the online e_Zine, Mystic Living Today.  Natalie uploads every single word and graphics all by herself.  (She does this with all the articles that can be found in the Starz BLOG, too!!) &]
Being Natalie seems to be getting better and happier as the days go by so let’s all join together to wish her a very, very, very

Your Starz Family & Friends!

*Note:  Blog post by StarzJC *


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