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Oct 8, 2019

Image:  Brokenhearted -

It's an old word, found in novels written hundreds of years ago, but it's a current as human nature.  The French, said to be one of the most love savvy populace,  say, "qui se languit d'amour," the Italians, also very knowledgeable in that department call it, "infelice in amore.

The dictionary definition:  Lovelorn, adjective, Bereft of love or one's lover.  Miserable because of unrequited love or unhappiness in love. Lovelornness (noun).  Being without love or a lover.  Lovesick, mooning, slighted, pining, yearning, languishing, spurned, jilted, moping, unrequited, crossed in love.  "They were acting like a lovelorn teenager."

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