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Tarot Card of the Day by StarzGnosis - Death

Jun 4, 2016


Keyword: Change Song: "Songs to Aging Children Come" Joni Mitchell

In the Rider-Waite-Smith version, Death in full black armor rides a white horse. Death carries a banner flag, a white rose on black. Together, horse and rider approach a family the tallest member reaches out to Death.

Before you start down the, "I'm going to die!" path, let me explain what Tarot Death's means. Death means a permanent change.

Like what? Leaving childhood for being a tween, and then a teenager, finally moving out and going to college.

Every stage started and ended. The ending was final. There was no going back to the mindset of childhood.

Death is not something to fear. Not in the least!

Even the final curtain is not the absolute ending. Just going on in a different direction.

No one likes uncertainty. And the Death card is nothing if not uncertainty in it's certainty. Why?

Death is the closing of a part of your life. Not always happily or when you're ready either. All changes take time to process.

Today, think about the changes you've had already in your life. Maybe you've had a lot. Maybe not that many yet.

It's not about the quantity of change but the quality. Some changes you handled better than others. That's fine, you;re not expected to be at your best all the time!

What chapters of your life have closed? What have you said "goodbye" to? How did that goodbye help you to move forward?

What changes were you unable to find closure for? How did that affect your ability to move on?

What little ritual could you do right now to help yourself move on? Could it be a prayer, a meditation, or some yoga? What would help you to find a tiny bit of closure?

How do you process changes? How well do you adapt to them? How do you feel about changes?

In 2012, my spouse and I said goodbye to our family in Missouri and we moved all the way west to Southern California. We did this because my love got a great job offer there.

My spouse's family is spread out across Missouri. A few of them live in Kansas City and a great-aunt lives in Springfield.

My family lives close together. Most of my aunts and uncles live within the same town.

There are two aunts and their families that live further away. One is 4 hours away and the other is in Kansas on the Kansas-Missouri border.

It was hard for me to leave the place of my birth behind. I knew it would be.

But, I love my spouse more than my family. I will go where my love loves to be. That's California.

Missouri is a red state. California is blue. Both my spouse and I are liberal and to be in Missouri cut off from other like-minded people is not fun at all.

It has taken me some time, but I am finally in a place of peace about the move four years' later. Of course, some days are better than others. But that's true of everything.

It's never too late to find closure or to make your own happiness! Don't wait, start today! If I can do it four years' later, so can you!

StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis) hates change. It's the Taurus in her. She knows a thing or two about being late to the Change Acceptance Party because she is frequently late.

If you have a hard time with change and you need someone to talk to who "gets" it, visit her. She'll help you through it!

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