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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Divine Directions by Jade-Sky

Jun 22, 2019


"Communicate with others more freely.  Speak up!  You have  right to be heard."

If you are afraid to speak your mind DON'T!  You have the TOTAL right to say exactly how you feel about something.  Don't let what others may think about you or feel about what you are going to say stop you from saying it.  IF it needs said and you feel you can't keep it to yourself any longer then let it out!

You may have been always told that it will just start more issues for you or it will hurt someone's feelings, but what about when they have done the same to you?  I am not saying it is right for you to lash out at another but if you FEEL that you have to let someone know EXACTLY why you feel the way you feel than you should say your peace.  You can say it in a way that it gets your point across without going to the point of hurting another, but they NEED to know what they have done.  You may even help them to see what they are doing wrong and fix their way of doing things


Interpretation by StarzRainsLovingInsight

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The deck is Divine Directions by Jade-Star, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc

Further reproduction prohibited


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