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A Dog's Opinion of the Snow

Feb 13, 2019

A Dog's Opinion of the Snow Redux

It's been a year and a half since Brigit, my miniature Poodle, lay down to sleep forever that day in early June 2017 and I dearly miss her.  As the weather has turned cold and the deck ices over at night I remember this awesome pet who acted like a human in a white fur coat.  This story is from 2014 and I thought I'd share it again as winter has us in its grip.

Well, we're experiencing another one of those super storms the Weather Channel has named "PAX."  I thought pax meant peace?  It's sure not peaceful out there right now.  The weather astrologers explained it quite simply... they had checked the Capricorn ingress charts, looked at the aspects between Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and whatever else, looked at the Moon's travel over midpoints and come up with an almost exact date for when this whole imbroglio would begin.  They are so sure of their handiwork, but it doesn't change the fact that we've already got a foot of snow and it's still coming down fast and furious in northeastern New Jersey!

The dog is blaming me... we both got all dressed up, me in my thermal stuff and heavy winter coat and she in three of her sweaters.  Her patience is wearing thin as she lets me slip them each over her head and settle them on her body.  She's no longer assisting me by lifting first one front paw and then the other... she just stares at the wall and waits.

I wish you could have seen the look on her face when we went out to the porch and she saw the snow half way up the sliding glass door.  Only her eyes moved from side to side then up to where the line of snow ended then she glared at me.  I could hear her inner voice, "This is all YOUR fault!  I need to go outside in this horror and YOU made it happen!"

Fortunately, I brought the shovel inside last night after sliding it across the ten feet of deck so she could run across the frozen tundra of the back yard.  She actually gamboled up and down in the half inch of fresh snow last night coming in looking like a tiny polar bear.  Even the bright red stripes of her outer sweater were obliterated by the caking of snow and she shook them off politely before entering the porch.  Her Capricorn Moon has taught her what to do and how to please and she does these things without being asked.

But this morning I saw the full impact of her Taurus Sun as she lifted her head, stepped out behind me as I shoveled the foot of snow off the ten feet of deck to nowhere.  She watched as I dumped the snow into the forsythia beside the deck and stopped.  'You're not making a path for me out THERE?"  Yes, I saw this in her eyes as she scanned the white expanse that was now covered over and not accessible.  Then she went to the steps that lead down to the driveway craning her neck to look for the path that had been there just a few hours earlier.

Her Cancer ascendant took over and she finally lowered her ears, put down her head and slunk into the porch through the door I had left open.  She didn't shake off the snow, she just walked over next to the exercise bike, sat down and looked miserable.

The tradition of watching a groundhog (marmot to those of you in Europe and Asia) on Candlemas, 2 February, has been validated this year... he was "scared" back into his burrow and this is the punishment.  We ARE having six more weeks of winter and I want recipes for cooked groundhog.  But that's no consolation to the poor dog.  She's likely to hate me until spring.  Well... maybe not... if we get rain she'll blame me for wet grass.  *Sigh*

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