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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Angel Whispers by Debbie Malone

Jan 5, 2019


"Stop worrying.  Your desires are manifesting."

You worry WAYYYY to much and this doesn't only affect you but also the people around you.  I am not saying this is a bad thing but you can end up having SERIOUS health issues as a cause of all the worry that is on your mind.  You need to de-stress and put the worry where it belongs, in the trash!  I know that is easier said then done but it is imperative that you do this for yourself!

Once you let your worry go or get it under control you will see that ALL you desire are so close that you can touch it!  It has been manifesting for quite awhile but your worry was blocking you from seeing it

Interpretation by StarzRainsLovingInsight

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The deck is Angel Whispers by Debbie Malone, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc

Further reproduction prohibited

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