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How to Decide How Many Minutes?.

Nov 13, 2018

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You go to, create an account and then have to decide how many minutes to buy for your very first reading.  You read the bios, look at the pictures and pick two or three Reader/Advisors that appeal to you.  What next?  You could choose a ten minute reading to "test drive" a reader then another ten minutes with someone else.  Or you could jump in feet first and choose a half hour reading for the one that seriously appeals to you.  Why not?
Once you find a Reader/Advisor who connects with you, give the reading a little time to manifest.  Let the Universe create the conditions necessary for things to happen.  But remember, that Reader/Advisor gave you the right information, that Reader/Advisor had the answers, remember that Reader/Advisor and go back to them the next time you have questions.
The next time you get a reading maybe you should expand the number of minutes.  Stepping up to the next level can bring you much, much more information.  It can give you time to think about what the Reader/Advisor is saying... time to formulate more questions.  It also gives you more time to share what happened after that life-changing first reading!
It may seem like a short reading is for you, but look at what you don't find out!  Look at what you just might be missing.  Did you ask the right question to start? Was there enough time to sort what was being said so you could ask more?  It may seem like a lot to spend, but what's the value of finding the true answer?
A reading by one of the multi-talented, fully vetted, experienced Starz Reader/Advisors could just put you on the right path for the rest of your life... don't be shy.  Go for it!  Use the maximum number of minutes to get the maximum number of answers.  Your life's questions are more important and deserve more attention than just a quick dip into the reading pool.

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