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Are You Indigo, Star Seed or Crystal? (From sources...Natalie/Starzcast is a Star Seed/Child)

Nov 12, 2018

Image: Children of our future –
Here from a vast variety of sources are the traits of the current populations distinct and separate from every day humans.  We all know at least one of each of these groups and many of us have one or two in our families.  They need our love and understand in order to flourish, grow and accomplish their intended purpose for being here.

Image: Indigo flower –
Common traits of an indigo child
If you wonder if you might be of this distinct soul lineage, here are a few traits which may feel familiar.
1.    You feel entitled - You were born feeling special and know it.
2.    You are destined to be here - You are confident and even arrogant at times – and emboldened by something larger than you can name.
3.    You have high expectations of yourself and others - This can make for a challenging relationships and interactions. You see only the best and expect others to live up to it. Toward yourself, you can be unrelentingly self critical.
4.    You are perceptive - Indigos see the world differently. Coupled with innate-self assurance, you often think your way is right and are offended if others cannot see, much less take action, on your point of view. If indigos ruled the world, you are confident no problems would exist.
5.    You question authority - You are not one to negotiate, so certain in your views and ways, you are often rebellious and critical of those in power.
6.    You want to overturn the man - Difficult and rigid systems seem foolish to you and you often become antagonistic to what others experience as normal.
7.    You are creative - Musically and artistically gifted, your art invites others to see the world around through your eyes.
8.    You are a change maker - Your perception on the failings of society is so keen that you are a magnificent leader, offering better methods of business, society and ways of being.
9.    You are a lost soul - You feel out of place with others as you recognize you are different than most people. You can tend toward being a loner or rebel, unwilling to compromise just to fit in.
10.    You are driven - As the indigo soul mission is encoded in your very being, you are unwilling to back down from confronting what feels out of integrity.
11.    You are passionate and focused - While fiery temperaments may be hard to take, you are not one to be still or silenced.
12.    You are highly psychic - Without any need for development, your psychic capacity is finely tuned. While you see nothing special in your ability, it gives you an advantage in reading others with ease and seeing through masks.
13.    You are frustrated - Coupled with their big-picture vision and restless soul drive for change, you become easily frustrated with society and others who are not shifting quickly enough. Patience is something that should be developed.

Image:  Of the stars –
Common traits of a Star Seed child (often called Star Child)
While there are many different beliefs as to the origins of Star Seeds, their purpose is clear; they are on earth to be of service to mankind.
1.    From a young age, you have had an inherent wisdom that usually comes later in life for other people.
2.    You’ve been told you’re an old soul and you agree. You feel ancient to the core
3.    No matter where you are, you always have a feeling of homesickness. You know what home feels like, even if you can’t express it, and you know that your house is not it. This may even lead to depression in some cases.
4.    Even as a child, you have always felt different, as though you are unique and others cannot understand you. You feel divided from the world — as if it is a constant battle of “them” vs. “you.”
5.    You often feel morally superior to others, regardless of education or social stature.
6.    Your sense of empathy is overwhelming.
7.    You feel different from those around you, however, you have a natural inclination to relate to their struggles.
8.    Your physical body is an enigma to doctors. It functions differently than everyone else’s and the medical world struggles to understand it. This may manifest itself in ways as small as a lower than average body temperature or inability to withstand heat.
9.    You are incredibly intelligent, but bored easily by traditional academics.
10.    You have had a paranormal or psychic experience. You may have seen a ghost, heard other’s thoughts, had dreams that became reality, etc.
11.    You feel as though you have a purpose or mission to fulfill, but struggle to find what you want to do with your life.
12.    You lack the passion or intrigue to truly devote yourself to one area and understand the banality of life.
13.    The physical limitations of your body often frustrate you.
14.    You feel as though you should be able to do more but are vexed by your restrictions. This is because Starseeds remember far more freedom in their physical form.
15.    Your dreams are vivid and exceptional, and waking life never seems to measure up. Often, your dreams will seem other worldly — as though your mind has created a completely separate universe.
16.    Others are often wary of you or feel uncomfortable in your presence. People instinctually know that you are different, but struggle to verbalize why. You may even feel isolated within your own family.
17.    You have very few friends, but those who are seem to understand you without need of explanation.
18.    Animals trust you and are naturally drawn to you. You understand them to the point that it feels as though you can communicate. The same is true for babies and small children. They find you fascinating and seem mesmerized in your presence.
19.    You are interested in spirituality but see the divine beyond books and religion. You may not be able to put it into words, but you have a deep understanding that spirituality has always been an intrinsic part of you.
20.    You are drawn to metaphysics and the science behind other worlds.
21.    You can feel who people are without them ever saying a word. You see beyond the external façade and instinctually know when they are lying. You may seem rude in conversations because you know what the other person is going to say before they’ve even started. People think you are disinterested, when in reality you are frustrated by the pace of the conversation.
22.    From a young age, you questioned the ways of society and still feel perplexed as to how other’s don’t see its mistakes.
23.    Though your dreams are exceptional, you’ve always had trouble sleeping.
24.    You have a natural ability to make others feel better – whether through medicine or your words. Strangers will often open up about their problems without even realizing it.
25.    People’s first impression of you is often aloof or cold, however, once they get to know you, they consider you to be one of the most loving people that they know.
26.    You avoid large crowds and find it hard to handle people in large doses — even friends. To you, people are overwhelming and their emotions and actions seem chaotic.
27.    You have an ability to emotionally or spiritually grow much faster than those around you. Your sense of morality keeps you grounded, even when presented with emotions that are difficult for others to handle.

Image:  Cathedral crystal –
Common traits of a Crystal child
The Crystal Children began to appear on the planet from about 2000, although some date them slightly earlier. These are extremely powerful children, whose main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution, and reveal to us our inner power and divinity.
1.    They possess large eyes with an intense stare.
2.    They have magnetic personalities.
3.    They are highly affectionate.
4.    They start talking late in childhood.
5.    They are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking.
6.    Crystals use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate.
7.    They may be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome.
8.    Crystals are even-tempered, sweet, and loving.
9.    They are forgiving of others.
10.    They are highly sensitive and empathetic.
11.    They are very much connected to nature and animals.
12.    Crystals exhibit healing abilities.
13.    They are quite interested in crystals and rocks.
14.    They often discuss angels, spirit guides and past-life memories.
15.    Crystals are extremely artistic and creative.
16.    They prefer vegetarian meals and juices to “regular food”.
17.    They may be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance.
18.    Crystals are sensitive to loud noise.
19.    Crystals are sensitive to crowds.
20.    They are sensitive to temperature.
21.    They are sensitive to clutter and disorganization.
22.    Crystals are sensitive to chaotic environments.
23.    Crystals are sensitive to artificial ingredients and chemicals.

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