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Natalie's Interview with Javiera Correa on Blogtalkradio/Oct 3, 2018

Oct 4, 2018

                 Javiera Correa

My guest was just a delight to interview and we shared so much even our love for Bali...........a place I have never been but we both thought the same thing what a romantic place.

My co-host Al Diaz added to the show as he always does and I am so blessed to have him on with me.

This lady is on the brink of her beautiful journey with her Conscious Manifestation.  Its amazing to me how many there are out there seeking.

She speaks fluent Spanish and very good English.  

Listen to our show from last nite:


Javiera's Bio:

Born in Chile, since very little Javiera felt there was much more to this reality to what "her eyes saw" so began a quest for truth since a very early age. At the age of 22 she had a beyond-mind experienced that connected her to the reality of our True Self. She realized everything we are looking for is ourselves... literally.

After living in New Zealand, Bali and other countries, she settled in Chile to support people´s awakening and inner transformation founding a School on Conscious Manifestation which imparts workshops and classes on how to create reality consciously and connect with the nature of who we are.

The school goal is to deliver high-quality content of empowerment for the Spanish speakers.

MBA Professional, Entrepreneur, Certifies on NLP Certified and various therapeutic currents, Javiera specializes in Conscious Creation of Reality with pioneering and exclusive methodologies in the market.

Javiera has supported hundreds of people and attended dozens of retreats in the field of personal transformation in Bali, the Philippines, Chile, the United States, Malaysia, among others.



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