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From Desert to Desert - A Journey Through the Heart of Southern Africa - Photo by Billy Dodson/Article by Natalie

Oct 2, 2018

Below are a few of the photographs from Billy Dodson's book "From Desert to Desert A Journey Through the Heart of Southern Africa"
When I say photographs I mean just that.........he sent me the real deal :)

From his site: ... is a personal memoir and photographic study of six distinct countries and regions in sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Zambezi River Valley and Namibia. Its words and images, drawn from the experiences of an ardent conservationist, represent a heartfelt and moving tribute to the land, people and wildlife of the continent.

I personally have the book and I asked him to just put in it "To Natalie" but he went over and beyond in that I was overcome with emotion.
The images are so beautiful and enchanting but do see for yourself.

You have no idea how honored I am to bring these to you.

All images below are used with exclusive permission from Bill Dodson. Savannah Images
No reproduction is allowed. All rights reserved.

Please visit his site and see for yourself as you will not be disappointed.

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