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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Ask An Angel/Passion Guided by Nathaniel

Oct 2, 2018

Passion guided by Nathaniel

Passion is the flame that lights the soul. It keeps us warm, connected, invigorated and alive.  It awakens within us a desire and a drive.  A desire for knowledge, love, travel, expansion, expression and change.  It drives us forward and awakens in us the need to truly experience life.

Like fire, passion comes with the danger of burning out of control and wreaking havoc on our insides as well as our outsides.  It also comes with the danger of burning out.  When nurtured and cared for, fire has the power to bring life, light and warmth into our lives and so does passion.

When we surrender our ego and personal will up to something higher, the power, energy and ecstasy of the divine is given room to move within us.  We are filled with the all-consuming essence of love and the overwhelming ecstasy that occurs when the barriers of the ego dissolve and we experience unification.

It is from this state that we have a deeper and higher experience of passion.  This is the passion that ignites and inspires love.  This is the passion that drives and inspires us to do great things.  This is the passion that awakens our sense of purpose.

Our passions have the power to teach us about who we are.  Each of us is innately and often unconsciously passionate about specific things that relate to your life purpose and what we need to express and understand in our lives.  Scientists, artists, priests, doctors and activists are among the countless roles that are birthed from this passion and desire.  Passion teaches us about what our calling is.  Even more, it ignites within us the desire to fulfill our calling.

This is a time for you to allow a higher sense of passions and purpose to fill your heart, for the light of that flame to illuminate the path ahead, leading you to new adventures in your life.

This is a time to surrender your personal will to the higher will of God, allowing a true sense of purpose to fill you.  This is a time to release the ego, allowing a sense of oneness to permeate your being and let the power and passion of love to move within you.  This is a time to be passionate, courageous and inspired.  Take a leap of faith and let the light of passion guide you.  

    **Passion helps us in many ways.  It helps us to know what we want when it comes to love.  We want a long lasting passionate love that will last a lifetime.   

    **Passion also helps us to see what we want to do in life.  If we are just living our life as hum drum, our passion will show us which way to go! With passion it can burn bright or it can fizzle out.  

    **We have to nurture our passion in order for it to help us in our life as it is supposed to guide us on what we want to do in life!  As passion is suppose to show us our sense of what our calling is.  If we have a strong enough passion those tough to do jobs that you don't think was meant for us are exactly what we need.  Just follow what you FEEL!

**Interpretation by StarzRainsLovingInsight

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The deck is Ask An Angel by Toni Carmine Salerno & Carisa Mellado, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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