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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Concious Spirit Oracle Cards/Flames of Wisdom

Jul 26, 2018

Flames of Wisdom - Crone

"I am open to all of life's wisdom and share it with gratitude."

The wise woman comes into your life to remind you there is still much to be learned.  She asks you to turn to the ancient ones for wisdom:  the trees, the earth, grandparents, and those who have spent lifetimes absorbing knowledge on the earth plane.  

Their experiences can give you greater insight into your life.  If you have been seeing or hearing owls, it may be a sign from Spirit that gaining or sharing wisdom will help you in your current phase of life.  Wise woman also reminds you that not all experiences in life are easy.  Some lessons will leave behind scars on your physical body but they are simply a reminder of valuable lessons learned.  

Be grateful for all of life's experiences and gain wisdom from them so that you may one day pass that wisdom on to other's  If you are in your senior years this card is asking you to connect to younger generations and share your wisdom and experiences with them in order to assist them on their own life's journey. Always remember to show great patience when sharing knowledge with others.  

    You feel like you need to learn more about this earth and this world.  You feel the need to seek out your grandparents and commune with nature to gain the best understanding of all this world is and what it has to offer.

    You have been feeling the need lately to connect with your spirit and the wise woman will help you to do that.  If you see or hear owls this is a sign that you are about to become more in tune with that this world is about and what your place in this world means.

    If you had a rough go of it and are scarred emotionally, physically, and mentally, just know if you seek out the lesson in what you went through that it will help you to understand the WHY of it.  Going through what you went through just shows how strong of a person you truly are!  Remember to share everything that you have learned good and bad to the next generations so they can learn from it all!

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The deck is Conscious Spirit, Oracle Deck, Written and Illustrated by Kim Dreyer, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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