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25 Expert Life Tips That Make Accomplishing Everyday Tasks So Much Easier

Jul 11, 2018

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The number of inconveniences according to, big and small, that can pop up on any given day is pretty overwhelming. You don’t exactly get handed an instruction manual on life the second you arrive on Earth. Luckily, we’ve all found life tips that make living just a touch easier.
Because life poses so many challenges, people have devised countless ways to thwart problems both terrible and mundane. Concise and specific, sensible and simple, these 25 expert life tips will help you navigate the day-to-day with ease and improve your happiness in the process!
1. If you’re responsible for a couple of kids, take a picture with them the second you get to a theme park or crowded place. That way, if the kid runs off and gets separated, you have an up-to-date picture of what they’re wearing to show to others.
2. When there’s an accident in a public place, people tend to think someone else will handle it while they gape in awe. To actually get help for someone in trouble, give explicit instructions to specific bystanders, like, “You! Call 9-1-1!”
3. To be honest, opening up your notes and mindlessly scanning the page is not a very effective study method. Instead, focus by pretending you’ll be teaching the material to the entire class. What would be important to communicate, and how could you do it simply?
4. Another worthy study method might be packing as many notes as possible into a tiny “cheat sheet.” You might’ve done this in high school with an index card. The more you try to cram your notes onto the card, the more you’ll memorize information—and you won’t need those notes.
5. Suck up two or three tablespoons of cinnamon in your vacuum to release the spice’s smell every time you do a bit of cleaning. Pro tip for the pro tip: don’t do this if you don’t actually enjoy the smell of cinnamon. It works with any scent, though, so try it with something you love!
6. The trunk of your car should be the permanent home for blankets, flashlights, canned food, and water bottles in case you get stuck in bad weather or have to flee the government and never return home. (Just kidding.) It’s mostly for if you get stuck in the woods, though.
7.Some old folks don’t hear so well, but it’s the pitch of your voice they’re struggling to pick up—not the volume. Instead of screaming yourself hoarse at the old-timer, try talking in a deeper voice. That should help!
8. When someone offers advice, try saying "you’re right” instead of “I know.” Why? Because you don’t know, which is why you’re seeking advice in the first place. Saying “you’re right” also gives the speaker credit and makes them feel heard. Everyone wins!
9. Deer travel in clusters, so if you see one crossing the road, be on the lookout for a few more crossing shortly after it. Just go slow and keep your head on a swivel if you see a deer, else you become the inspiration behind the next Bambi movie, and no one wants that.
10. Like water in the desert, cabinet space is often a limited and valuable resource—especially in cramped city apartments. Earn yourself some additional space by utilizing a spring-loaded clothes rod to hang your spray bottles.
11. There’s always a guy or gal in your office who never misses an opportunity to talk endlessly at you. Leave ’em in the dust by walking towards their desk. Their muscle memory will take over, they’ll sit down, and you can politely flee.
12. When you’re battling a case of the blues, it can help to spend some time organizing a closet or bedroom. Keeping your mind focused on a mundane task should clear your thoughts and make you feel productive, which in itself can cheer you up.
13. Feeling like your life is wasting away and nothing good ever happens? Try this: write down every positive thing that happens to you on a post-it or note card, then stick that into a jar. Later, read through the notes and remember all the good stuff that happened to you!
14. When it’s time for the biannual cleaning of the microwave, start the process by microwaving a bowl of water with a lemon for five to 10 minutes. That’ll loosen up the caked-on gunk and leave it smelling lemony fresh!
15. There will come a time in the day where you believe you are very hungry. In that moment, ask yourself:"would I eat an apple to cure this hunger?" If the answer is “no,” then chances are, you’re not so much hungry as just wanting something to chew on.
16. When you empty out the dryer lint trap, you’re touching all the bits of clothing that weren’t fit for this world anymore—where parts of your clothes went to die. If there’s a piece of clothing you don’t want in the graveyard, consider hang-drying it to preserve the material more.
17. Finding the right music to work to can be a Herculean feat. You need something you like but that doesn’t distract you, either. Consider video game soundtracks! They’re non-intrusive tunes meant to get you pumped up and focused.
18. Shoe stink can haunt your closet and ripen your feet to a point where they could drive back enemy armies. Leaving a tea bag in your shoes overnight can absorb the bad smells and leave fresh, herbal scents in their wake.
19. Wedding day on the horizon? Try creating a wedding-only email address you can give out to services you’re using for the big day. That way, you’re not digging through your work or personal inbox trying to find all wedding details. They’ll all be in one place!
20. Instead of getting swallowed up in a sea of desperate sons searching for Mother’s Day cards on the day itself, plan for the future: buy a few cards for holidays and celebratory events and save them so you never have to scramble to the store at the last-minute.
21. Did you just open the door for a security system salesman? Shoo him off your doorstep! Banish him back to the salesperson underworld! He or she could be a scammer looking to browse your property, note security flaws, and rob you blind later.
22. Stop your tools from rusting by tossing a few of those silica gel packets into your toolbox. It’ll keep ’em just dry enough that no funny business occurs and your tools stay good as new.
23. Unemployment has seriously debilitating psychological effects on your mind, but you can make yourself feel a bit better about your plight by getting professionally dressed every day—socks and shoes included. Dress with style and own the day, man!
24. If you’re unsure where the ants in your house are coming from, squish just one or two of the little buggers. When the rest flee to tell their brothers and sisters what they just saw, they’ll lead you to their home. Then you can crush the rest of them!
25. Paint-soaked brushes can be more trouble than they’re worth. Do yourself a favor by stretching a rubber band around a paint can. That way, you’ll have an easy way to wipe off excess paint without making a mess!


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