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Cards by StarzRainbowRose - Concious Spirit Oracle Cards/Reach For Your Dreams

Jul 10, 2018

Reach For Your Dreams

"I am the creator of my own dreams and achieve them with confidence."

Your dreams give direction and enthusiasm to your life. It is time to take action in moving towards them.  If you have lost sight of them now is the time to plant the seeds of your dreams.  

By taking action daily and aligning your life with your dreams, you will nourish them and help them grow.  Do not let life's daily chores or hurdles keep you from reaching your dreams.  

This card is a gentle reminder that sometimes it takes a bit of courage and determination to break through the surface that seems to be holding you back.  But that seemingly impenetrable surface is an illusion.  

Once your seed sees the light, it will grow and blossom into whatever you heart desires, as long as you feed and nurture it daily and it is aligned with your highest good.  

It is never to late to plant the seed of your dreams.  Always remember to encourage others to have faith in their own aspirations.

    Now if the time to make your dreams come to fruition.  You need to plant the seed and let it grow.  You have been dreaming for awhile now. NOW is the time make them come true.  

    You entitled to have your dreams come true. If you think you aren't entitled, think of all the good you do and have done.  You deserve this.  Don't forget to feed them to help them become all they can be!  Help others and show them what you have done that they can do this as well!!

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The deck is Conscious Spirit, Oracle Deck, Written and Illustrated by Kim Dreyer, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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