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Jupiter Station Direct

Jul 10, 2018

Image: Jupiter and the great red spot -

Jupiter went Retrograde according to on March 8 at 23 Scorpio and ends today at 13 Scorpio. Jupiter retrograde represents a time of philosophical or spiritual introspection and reflection. This year the main theme of Jupiter retrograde was poisoning of your personal value system and morals that affected your physical health. Just like the current moon phase, Jupiter retrograde 2018 signaled the right time to start detoxifying; a time to purify your body and soul.

Jupiter stations direct today at 13 Scorpio 20? with the main astrological influence coming from a number of planetary aspects. The immediate or short-term influence presents some challenges but the long-term outlook is very hopeful.

Moon quincunx Jupiter suggests that after the Jupiter retrograde phase you may be left with some imbalance that needs correcting. Perhaps you have become too self obsessed, self-indulgent or greedy. There is the possibility that the changes you have gone through have upset your mother or another woman close to you. The imbalance may also be associated with the level of emotional support and nourishment you give and receive within a relationship, especially with your partner or family members.

Mercury square Jupiter means you will generally have a positive and broad outlook on your position at the moment, but it will be important to focus on the smaller details. A lack of concentration or inability to focus may lead to some errors of judgement or mistakes. You will also have to pay extra attention to how you express yourself because of a tendency toward arrogance or even bigotry. Jupiter optimism could get a little out of hand, so don’t promise too much or overestimate your abilities when making plans for the future.

Jupiter trine Neptune was exact during Jupiter retrograde on May 25 and will be again on August 19, 2018. It encourages hope, generosity and community spirit. As your personal value system or morals reach a higher standard, you will find that selflessly helping others brings great satisfaction. You can follow your dreams for success without needing to sacrifice your ego or material possessions. Wealth, fame and glamour may come but above all you should feel happy and content.

Jupiter Retrograde Dates
2018, March 8 to July 10 – 13 to 23 Scorpio
2019, April 10 to August 11 – 14 to 24 Sagittarius

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