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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Waxwing

Mar 10, 2018

Waxwing (card number 37)

I am Waxwing, the balancing of give and take.  I am what you reveal and what you hide behind.  I am intoxicated with the sweetness of life.  I am the ritual of ceremonial giving.  I am courtesy and the generosity of sharing the good life.  

I am the importance of knowing what roles you play.  Be aware of what you are presenting.  Be mindful of the masks you live by.  I am the wisdom to shape and shatter facades.  I am the abundance of heart to present my joy to others.  There is a great strength in letting the world know who you are.

You are reciprocity.  
You are joyful indulgence.  
You are unmasked.  
You are Waxwing.

When waxwing is seen around you, you want to make sure you are not hiding behind a mask, if you are, WAXWING will make sure you are seen for what you truly are.  

It is never good to have two sides to yourself.  If you do, especially with this bird around, you will be found out. If there is a side of yourself you WANT others to see SHOW it and don't keep it hidden!

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Image:  Angel Inspiration Deck by Kim Dreyer, The Winged Enchantment written by Lesley Morrison Artwork by
Linda Hunt   

Image used with permission of USGames Systems, Inc.   Further reproduction prohibited.*



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