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Tribute to My StarzMayaMoon

Mar 3, 2018

I wondered how to begin this as painful as it is.   

My “Sis” passed away on February 16, 2018 and I am struggling.

I will attempt to tell you about my MayaMoon and what she meant to me and Starz.

I began StarzPsychics in 2011 and of course MayaMoon applied right away.
We did the interview on the phone and just hit it off.  I hired her without even thinking on the spot.  I knew then she was highly developed and would be an asset to Starz.

A year into Starz I launched Starz Blog Talk Radio which aired on Monday’s 8-9pm edt.  Maya and I had such a great run lasting until Monday, Feb 12, 2018.   I would have Maya choose the topics and they were always wonderful.  We varied them from angels to God and so on.  I always ended the show with "Believe in things you cannot see for they are really there."

The next day Maya would do a post in our Starz blog but they always made me cry….. I mean always because as it was based around me.  I would always talk to her the next day as usual and she would say to me……”Natalie you are the brightest light that I have ever known.”  Well I did not see it but believed her as only she could convince me.

I still have the ability to do Blogtalk Radio again but right now my heart is just not in it. 

Maya gave me courage to use my gifts and I think put me on a pedestal, altho that is not really what I wanted. 
She believed in all my dreams, visions and ideas and was so excited to start teaching on Starz.  We talked or texted each day and we knew we were sisters in previous lifetimes.

I could go on and on but some of the things will be mine to keep.

I want to thank all my staff on Starz and those from other spiritual communities who have expressed their support to me and Maya’s family.

I know one thing my MayaMoon will be with me each day until we see each other again.

I will end this as I always ended my emails to her...............

Love you to the Universe and Beyond which we know is never ending.

Natalie xoxo

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