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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Jeremiel (angel of hopes and dreams)

Feb 12, 2018

Nurture Your Dreams

The angel represented here is Jeremiel (angel of hopes and dreams.)

Our dreams is what make each of us unique.  They are what connect us to our purpose in life and give us a sense of belonging.  The "gut feeling" dreams that touch you deep down in your core are the subconscious aspects of your unique life.  They are your reason for being: the things that will give you, true life-long happiness. The deep sense of yearning and connection indicate the road markers that lead you to your life purpose.

Jeremiel wants us not to give up on our hopes and dreams.  Each of our dreams are OUR OWN and is unique just to us!  Our dreams give us a sense that we are here for SOMETHING and not just here passing the time.  As with the last card Jeremiel is reminding us that our GUT FEELING especially if they are dreams are the ones to pay CLOSE attention to.  They are the ones that give us that sense of BEING!  He wants us to have our truest passion for our life purpose!  Please just remember as I said that our GUT leads us in the direction we need to take and LISTEN TO IT, as I can't stress that enough, so we can get our truest happiness of all!

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Image:  Angel Inspiration Deck by Kim Dreyer, The Winged Enchantment written by Lesley Morrison Artwork by
Linda Hunt   
Image used with permission of USGames Systems, Inc.   Further reproduction prohibited.*


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