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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Monday, 1/8 "New Year, New You; working with Universal changes"

Jan 9, 2018

Starz BlogTalk Radio - Monday, 1/8; 8-9pm EST
"New Year, New You; working with Universal changes"

As always Starz BlogTalk is hosted by Natalie AKA StarzCast, (Owner, creator and CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Be sure to check out Starz home page on bottom left where you can find the BlogTalk link and enjoy listening to all recorded shows. In order from most recent and also listed by topic you are sure to find a subject that is appealing and with a myriad of choices for listening. We run live every Monday night at 8-9pm EST, other than holidays and breaks.

Last night we also had the pleasure of welcoming a guest host, Kandi AKA StarzPriestessKandiRansom. It was a great way to return from our holiday break as we listened to Kandi's insights and suggestions for welcoming a New Year. We all tended to agree that rather than attempting to set high expectations in the tradition of "resolutions"; taking baby steps and using our faith and hope generally resulted in greater shifts and/or changes. The idea is to become spiritually connected first by practicing various repetitive methods (great suggestions by Kandi) until these become habits and a part of our daily spiritual living. While there are shifts in the Universal energies; including lessons, messages and influences that occur with a new year, we have the choice of embracing each day as new and fresh. So while New Year's Day will always be symbolic to reflection and change, we certainly don't have to limit our path or the pursuit of our dreams and goals to once a year.

And we all have at least one blessing that we can be thankful for, as we live in the now or present while looking at that which we can or perhaps should change. A positive mental attitude is the foundation for spiritual growth and by remembering that each new day or even smaller blocks of time offer us the potential to manifest our greater good.

As we all know Natalie is our resident "beacon of light" and strives to live her life always under grace. This allows Natalie to share her compassion, caring and with gratitude and Divine (God for Natalie) intervention resulting in a circle of blessings and the constant awareness of all potential. Because Natalie is such a powerful empath; she has to be careful to guard her own self so that she isn’t drained unintentionally by all the energies of the collective. This would be like going to a store, the mall or perhaps a restaurant and being unable to take pleasure or gratification because her energy is being zapped by the power of others. It isn't an easy feat to learn to control empathic abilities or to keep those at bay. However as Natalie pointed out early in our show if WE are unable (or unwilling) to be happy with and love self, it is impossible to fully give or receive that from others.

So as we look carefully at what it really means when we turn that page in our calendar; hopefully the three of us provided a new and more evolved way of interpreting how and why we change.

So for all of us whether our goals are a healthier lifestyle, to work on balancing work with home life or just simply to be more compassionate and understanding we don't have to wait for one day in 12 months!

Every day when we awaken we have been given a gift simply by being alive. And from those first moments of waking we set the tone and with a PMA, and choosing to see ALL that is possible or all the potential offered, we can and will begin to make changes that raise our awareness and as a circle become an infinite part of our being.

We can never be given guarantee's, but the more devoted we are to trying by using "baby steps" and focusing our mind, heart and spirit on reaching towards the highest star, we know we will at least be landing among all that is beauty, light, love and our potential.

I wish all a happy New Year everyday and  hope that whether you follow in Natalie's bright and beautiful iconic lead or simply give thanks and stretch your spiritual muscles just a bit more, you will find that happiness becomes who we are rather than who we wish to be.

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