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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Radiant Light (Surya Mudra)

Dec 14, 2017

               Radiant Light
               (Surya Mudra)


Radiant Light
(Surya Mudra)

Assists:  Clarity, Personal power,  Self -esteem

Benefits:  Supports digestion and aids assimilation of life experiences.  Increases metabolism and detoxification.  Energizing effects help to cultivate passion, clarity and personal power.

Instructions:  Bend the ring finger of each hand and bring to the thumbs.  Cover the nail of the ring finger with the pad of the thumb. extend the remaining fingers.  Rest hands on the thighs, palms facing upward.  Relax the shoulders down and lengthen the spine.

Cautions:  Digestive issues, use caution

Focus:  My inner light is vibrant, luminous and alive

Practice:  Imagine yourself lying on a white sand beach.  The sand is warm on your back body under a brillant blue sky.  Feel the radiant warmth of the sun overhead begin to illuminate your physical body.  Feel the golden light of the sun pouring into your solar plexus, ribs and belly.  Feel all qualities of courage vitality and self-assurance ignite.  Notice the light and how it inspires clarity and self-esteem.

This Chakra knows you have been struggling with your self-esteem.  Possibly you have been through some bad thoughts and encounters in your past and it is wanting you to now concentrate on letting these encounters go and concentrate on building your self-esteem back up again.  Just make sure to have the courage to go forward with this through all the pain you have suffered at the hands of others regarding your lack of self-esteem.

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*Image:  "Mudras For Aweakening The Energy Body by Alison DeNicola and artwork by Sabina Espinet, images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 1971 U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited*

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