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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Creating versus Waiting Part 2

Apr 6, 2016

"Creating versus waiting"
Part 2

As we begin to look at the many influences and the myriad of chances and choices we face it can become a profound experience. Because in part we live our life in the now or present, we don't always stop to discover or perhaps uncover all the occurrences both minor and major that have led us up to this moment. And the same is true of the future; in this moment or the present although we can speculate, prepare and plan, we cannot possibly know each and every side road, detour or even unexpected possibilities that lie ahead.

So in essence our life is in a state of constantly creating or the potential always exists for that creation or in pursuit of that dream or outcome, whatever or however we define that within.

And generally we are only able to establish a pattern or correlation from one step, choice or path to another once all has been finalized or some form of an outcome reached. During the process of life, it can be challenging, difficult and even impossible to be aware much less understand that all that we are, all that we do are in one way or another inter-related and intersections or the parts that eventually create the "whole".

For example what may originally seem and/or feel to be a setback or an unfortunate or even negative situation or circumstances later shows or proves to have in reality been a blessing or a step towards our future and again any and all goals, desires or intended outcomes. For those that are open to spirituality and the core belief in faith and a greater or higher source or creator of some or in some form; our faith often assists us in accepting challenges with the hope or security that something positive will always arise from the chaos. So perhaps we have been laid off from a job that we had assumed to be a life career, with security and we then had made many life choices based on that assumption which was supported by all that we could know up to that very moment. While any major change whether positive or negative causes anxiety, stress and often chaos. And because so much of what and how we have built or created branches or paths (choices) in our life around that specific job and what it symbolized it can be difficult to remain in faith with the security that fate, destiny or that higher source/creator actually has something better in store. And few of us in that moment or those moments can truthfully say we were without any worry, or no concern over where our future would or could lead. Yet so many times, what began as devastation or at the very least total disruption actually DOES end up lifting us up to a higher place, (our energy) or offering an opportunity greater than what we had but would never have been able to find without some catalyst. And although it's possible that we could have remained on that path, or in that job indefinitely and had our needs met, experiencing happiness, security and peace, the new road, or new path offers just a bit more, or may instead open other doors that we would not have necessarily related. Such as meeting a life partner because of a job change/switch. Or finding a new niche that opens new doors of creativity, passion and joy that we never knew existed either within our own self or externally.

So without a doubt, which we are who we become and all the many shifts, forks, and twists and turns can play tremendous and essential roles in whom we are now and who we become. Along with our life in its entirety, those we are surrounded by, those we love and those we learn to leave behind.

So how does creating versus waiting affect our life, our path, the now or present and the road that leads ahead?

First we must define the variances or meanings of "waiting". Because we tend to be a fast paced society and we often seek instant reward and gratification, there are many times when waiting is equivalent to patience and is the more positive energy. There are many times in many situations when action is not the highest nor serves the greater good and instead can actually disrupt or imbalance our energy and the road we travel. (Not literally but in life being a journey) So first we need to explore and understand the essence and energy of "waiting" when this becomes a total and the core or center of our response to all situations, and in general our "default" energy, coping style and the way in which we interact, engage and view all things, self, collective, world and even Divine or source. When "waiting" is or becomes defined as the continued inability or the consistent choice for not choosing, and no matter the stimulus, circumstances or events, we continue to "wait" while showing no preference. We are then placing ourselves at risk for being victims of our own making or creating and it's not likely that we can find our own unique and individual path when we allow ourselves to be at the mercy of life in every aspect, every time.

So in this case waiting becomes defined as a passive energy that never takes risks and perhaps never feels deep disappointment but also never rises up in incomparable joy and/or happiness. This type of energy- this "waiting" eventually wears or erodes our connections spiritual and emotional and we become more like that of an inanimate object that a human being or spiritual being.

This energy often arises from fear, from childhood situations and even can be adopted after very challenging experiences had in our adult life. It can stem or develop from a variety of sources or as the result of such.

So the first step in change so that we can either begin or restart our "creating" is to be able to recognize the unhealthy patterns of passive waiting. If after a quick review of your past even if this perhaps only began fairly recently; is to monitor your "affect" (emotional responses) and to try to gauge your responses and interaction with self, the world and to all various experiences that occur in or during our life. If you find that your life is very flat, monotone, and whatever is handed is what you accept, without happiness or unhappiness, then it's time to look at connecting or reconnecting which is done via creating and empowerment.

So if you are in line and order coffee with crème and sugar, and instead receive black coffee; those that have NO reaction and drink the coffee as though it were as ordered are likely passively waiting and not creating. Of course some of us may be in a hurry or notice the person taking orders is new, so there is a huge difference between shown care and concern for another or making a choice to keep the coffee because ultimately it serves our higher good. So while that may seem like a trite example, it amplifies the difference between having feelings, taking notice of a mistake, but CHOOSING for whatever reason not to force the matter. This versus having no real feelings, and barely taking note of what occurred with NO thoughts of asking for what was ordered and finding no difference in drinking what we dislike versus what we prefer.

So the difference lies in the acknowledgement, the emotions and lastly that some choice was knowingly made. Rather than passively accepting without any indication of reaction.

Next, when waiting serves our greater good and stems from the energy of patience, faith and trust in source and self. ~

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