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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday 10/16 Soul Mates,Twin Flames & Life Partners Part 2.

Oct 31, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio; Monday 10/30 @ 8pm EDT
     “Soul mates, twin flames and life partners”- Part 2

As always we had our regular hosts; Natalie AKA StarzCast. (Owner, creator and CEO of Starz and all affiliates) Myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. You can join us every Monday evening at 8pm (EDT) and many areas will turn back clocks Sunday am around 1am, the show will remain at 8pm. For those that may have missed the program or would like to listen to prior broadcasts; go to Starz home page and click on the BlogTalk link in the lower left corner for a choice of listening venues as all shows are recorded and listed in order and with topic.

In part two both I and Natalie were able to further define based on our personal experiences, knowledge and experience dealing with clients for many, many years. It is always so refreshing and like calm, soothing music, Natalie never hesitates to share or refer to her own very personal challenges and/or experiences. For those listener's that are not aware, they may be surprised to discover that Natalie is the owner AND creator of Starz. (And all affiliates) We are never dealing with arrogance but the total opposite. She-Natalie is the first to remind all that although gifted in so many ways, she is a human just as the rest of us.

We spoke a great deal on the questions and potential of soul mates versus life partners and what if any differences may exist with a twin flame. For humans some of our greatest challenges and trauma often comes from "love" and various relationships we either carry from the past or are dealing with currently. Although we had a few differences on more minor points, for the most part Natalie and I agreed on the main focus, meaning and definition of soul mates, twin flames and life partners. We do believe that soul mates are those we connect with in a significant and profound connection, spiritual energies and emotionally. These then become opportunities for that or a soul mate to develop into a life partner. And as Natalie pointed out, while in general most things are true, there are always exceptions.

So first we embrace and accept the idea of reincarnation, and soul contracts which are directly related to our soul mates and a chosen life partner. The difference in a life partner is he/she is a soul mate that both chooses (as do we) to make all choices towards the greater good of the relationship combined with our "contract". In general a life partner is one we remain with for decades. On occasion free will can supersede the plan and the intended life partner is unable or unwilling to fulfill the contract. Or in some instances we may be that person. While that must then be dealt with on the spiritual energy or at times during the current life and other times after we leave our vessel/body. It is quite often the reason and explanation why a person can feel unable to move forward, release that person and feel empowered to move forward after a period of grief or mourning. And it was asked if we then have another chance or another life partner, and both I and Natalie agreed that we indeed do. When a life partner leaves the earth and we have spend decades or 20+ years together we often choose to move ahead but not with the intention of finding or seeking another life partner. The most accurate way to judge this is how we feel; those who are no longer united with their life partner yet walk in grace and feel peace and contentment, have no need for more than perhaps companionship. As unique individuals, our lessons, path and "contracts" are just as unique.

Natalie as she shared a bit of her own life posed the question if we perhaps have the power or the ability to bring about our own demise for self, but more specifically to "release" a partner. Whether a partner as in marriage or commitment or a true life partner, a very provocative thought and the answer I believe is yes. From what my guides have taught and shown me, we can open a "window" in the sense we are inviting illness, disease or even injury into our lives'. For those that may already be sick, diseased or suffering it feels quite possible that such can in a sense "give up" or let go; deliberately and with full conscious awareness leading to their demise. So even with our life partners, soul mates and twin flames there can and at times are variations that it would be impossible to list.

As far as twin flames, many feel this is the image of our own self; there are many different theories and we each need to seek that which resonates within our self. From what I am shown, a twin flame is a term used to describe a life partner, keeping in mind that such a partner would be a soul mate and with a contract. I also adhere to the belief that the connection is romantic regardless of gender and in past lives' our soul mates have always had a romantic connection even if we choose or it was chosen we would not be with that person during that life.

It is also possible to marry or commit and even remain with another person who although they fill the position of a life partner, is not that who was chosen or was part of our contract. This often occurs for those that struggled during childhood and may not have been spiritually awakened or aware enough to understand the significance. If you are with a "partner" or life mate; you can generally evaluate the validity of the connection by that which you feel or lack in feelings. Our true life partner always teaches (as we do as well) and for both there is the profound connection, the drive to be the best we are able or capable of being and we are void of unexplained longings or feelings that something is out of place or doesn't "fit".

So there are as you can see many ways in which we define and then develop soul mates, life partners and twin flames. While there is no right or wrong, there certainly is the energy that brings positivity versus negativity. And whether a life partner, soul mate or twin flame; no relationship is without some compromise, sacrifice and challenges.

Be sure to tune in next week for another exciting topic!

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