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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday, Oct 9 - Starseed Part 2

Oct 10, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday 10/9, 8pm EDT
Part 2; Starseed and/or Star people, children and adults.

Be sure to tune in every Monday night always at 8pm EDT for various spiritual topics and discussions. Our hosts are Natalie AKA StarzCast, (Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Also for those that may have missed the show or just would like to listen to prior broadcasts, click on the BlogTalk link on Starz home page, bottom left. There are a myriad of choices for listening and all recordings are listed by date and then topic.

So last night we delved deeper into the traits, challenges and the meaning of starseeds or star people. We were thrilled to have joining us as a guest host, Aanina AKA StarzAamina. She is a healer in addition to many other gifts and abilities and is very drawn towards Star people and in helping these unique souls find their way. She provided a great deal of specific and detailed information which resonated very strongly with what my guides share and believe and this made for a very deep but fascinating show!

Aside from this topic being part 2 of our series, StarzAamina has very strong and well developed "radar" and in part she joined as Aanina immediately recognized our Natalie as a Star child.

For the majority of Star people there is an ever-present and deeply spiritual feeling of not belonging here on earth. My goal in sharing what StarzAamina explained and shared is to honor her knowledge and what I feel is a special connection with or towards Star people. However please do keep in mind I am paraphrasing and for those that may have questions or concerns, you can find StarzAamina on Starz!

So once she shared with Natalie that it was obvious or evident to Aamina that Natalie was indeed a Star seed or adult, it did appear that much fell into place both for Natalie and for what I know about Natalie as well. When Star people incarnate to this earth, it is a complex, challenging and often very painful experience. (Shared via many experiences by Aamina). A Star seed or person has an extremely high vibration or frequency, operating far above those descended from earth or more of the earthly realm. As Aamina shared their struggles, it can be a constant battle or challenge to accept their "meat suit" or their physical vessel and all the limitations placed on those that walk among the human and physical world.

As she continued to explain the process and development; Aamina explained that to find any form of peace, joy or happiness Star people MUST use the tools provided and learn and/or accept integration. Their literal survival depends on this. Unless you are a Star seed or person, you may not fully understand how intense these challenges can be.

And if you find that our discussion resonated deeply with you, then chances are quite high that you are a Star person and therefore familiar with what can be difficult to explain. I chose to use the analogy of what if we as one person or perhaps a small group were suddenly transported back hundreds or more years ago. Imagine waking up and finding yourself attempting to grasp and then survive in a world more prehistoric. There would be no electronics, no tools, none of the luxuries or even everyday comforts we often take for granted. And it's important as well to identify with the feeling of being plucked from one's "real" life and lifestyle and placed into that which is totally unfamiliar and requires constant navigation, acceptance and day after day knowing this was now your life, there would be no "going home"; not until the vessel or physical body had perished. We would be forced to learn to gather foods, to start fires for warmth and cooking and to hunt without any form of a tool. Anything and everything we attempted would be totally unfamiliar and that which we were not prepared for. Although this is not an exact replica of being a Star person, it comes close enough in helping us to realize the gravity and permanency of our situation.

And for some they are never quite able or equipped to align or integrate just as should we be sent back in time, there are those of us that simply would never adjust.

For Star people once they have assistance or even on their own find the correct tools and learn to connect or bond with the much lower vibration of humans, they shine upon the earth. There is always a great purpose in their existence but integration and acceptance must be accomplished before that light can shine.

As those of us that know and love Natalie can attest, she has likely been working on her integration since birth or at least as a young child. And although we all feel her higher vibration, warmth and light, Natalie has also been very open in sharing many of her challenges. As both Aamina and I agree and of course Natalie as she is living through these, there is or can be a great and profound sense of loss, sadness and a terrible yearning. Although most know they yearn for "home" many are not even fully aware of what this yearning is or from where it arises. But again imagine in any way being taken from your home and placed somewhere in which all things are different and feel totally unfamiliar. The majority of this is of course spiritual as the Star has a vibration or energy that far surpasses that of a pure human making each day and often each moment often filled with great sadness and the overpowering feeling of needing to leave, go or return.

We could also to a small extent compare a cage or living in a cage to what Star people is expected to endure. Although it is quite possible and is very often fully accomplished, it takes work. It is a process and one that requires our attention and acceptance so that we can fulfill our purpose and destiny and most importantly find happiness here on earth.

So it's not an easy journey nor a simple vibration, influence or energy to synchronize with or to, however there are many, many positive outcomes for those that find help, wherever or however and align at least for now, that earth is home.

Visit us next week as we discuss "Soulmates, Twin Flames & Life Partners".  Tune in Monday, Oct 16, 2017 8-9pm edt

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