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October Weather Lore

Oct 10, 2017

The ancients had sayings for weather from long years of observation.  Here, gathered from a variety of sources are some of the sayings for October.  But forecasters beware!  There may be some old laws on the books that forbid prognostication!
1677 LAW
“Rainmakers and Weather Seers will be burned at the stake”
(Repealed in 1959!)

A warm October,
A cold February.
When leaves fall early,
Fall and Winter will be mild;
When leaves fall late,
Winter will be severe.
Squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry,
Will cause snow to gather in a hurry.
Much rain in October,
Much wind in December.
Full Moon in October without frost,
No frost 'till November's Full Moon
For every fog in October, a snow in the winter..
When the scarlet oaks are very full of berries they generally indicate a severe Winter.

If in the fall of the leaves in October, many of them wither on the boughs it betokens a frosty winter and much snow.

A fair and dry autumn brings in always a windy winter.
If the latter end of October and beginning of November be for the most part warm and rainy, then January and February are likely to be frosty and cold, except after a very dry Summer

As the weather in October, so in March.
October and November cold indicate January and February will be mild and dry.

Image:  October leaves -

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