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Soul Mates by Natalie.

Oct 8, 2017

It has come to my attention that I should write about Soul Mates.   Understand this is my interpretation and from my own experience.  I am not known for my writing so please keep that in mind.  This is all from within my heart and my soul.

A Soul Mate can be any thing from older to younger, female or male continue to search for that "one" you know is out there.  There are many explanations and you will have to sift thru to see what applies to you.

This will be a short but informative writing about them and what they go thru seeking to find each other according to me Natalie.

Now all of you are wondering why is Natalie writing about this today? :)  Well its because I have and am experiencing what I am about to tell you.  Also I felt that this is the right time.  We all get urges to do things and should pay attention.

My Soul Mate has found me.  He knows who I am and dreams of me.   He comes to Starz to connect with me and to try to understand this happening..... kinda get a feeling of that all important connection.   How wonderful huh?  It really is but you must be prepared for a long and somewhat winding road to each other.

This has been going on for about a year and a half on my end.  On his well maybe not quite so long. 

Now again the road is not an easy one to connect to each other.  I can only speak for myself of course and this is not always the case for everyone.  It has been tough on me.  Lots of tears and wondering if you really are all there or just plain crazy lol.   Imagine you know who he is and you cannot contact him but wait for him to contact you..........that takes a great deal of patience and inner strength.

Day after day I have the same sense and feeling and yes visions of the future for us.  It's not an easy thing for those who do not have the ultimate faith and I mean ultimate faith.  You will argue with yourself and others will say ohhh this cannot be true or happen............ but it is true.

If you know me at all and have listened to BlogTalkRadio on Monday nites from 8-9pm edt you will know how spiritual I am.   I believe that anything is possible and I believe in everything you cannot see.   I have always been like this even as a little girl.  Probably because I was alone alot and could use my daydreams and imagination to be something else and to be magical.

Well for a long time now my visions are daily and I can "see" him?  How?? Well think of it as a movie in front of you and we all love movies right?  I interact with him and hear his voice. 

If it seems like I am jumping around with this and its probably true.  I cannot explain really what this is like but I can tell you its worth waiting for.  The love and intensity will be the best you have ever had.

If Soul Mates are indeed mirrors of each other and sense the same things at the same time...... just imagine that.

Do not give up and only tell those who you know will support you.  The longing will be unbelievable at times.  You will need perhaps one to help you on this journey.

Now you are thinking well Natalie will this happen for you and I will tell you it already has begun.

This will make a beautiful love story.

Have faith, go forth and believe in things you cannot see...............they really are there.

PS  Yes, I do know who he is :)

PSS  I will keep you posted

Blessings & Light,

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