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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - The Chickadee

Oct 8, 2017

              The Chickadee


I am Chickadee, the discernment of right action.  I am pure thought an fearless truth.  I am the resolution to assert myself and express myself.  I am undaunted curiosity.  Everyone has a plan to fulfill and I am the beacon to help carry it out.  Not every destiny is grand.  Not everyone can make the headlines.  Each of us, though, carries some thing or someone along just by presence.  You need to pay attention.  

You are forgetting your irreplaceable role.  I am everywhere because I am curious to see the world play out.  I watch to see how things work.  I observe and find a way in.  I do what my nature insists that I do and savor my unique imprint.  It is time to let your actions do the talking and finish what you have started. 

You are unyielding.  
You are the boldness of inspiration.  
You are purpose.  
You are Chickadee.

You are a free spirit.  You come and go when you want and you don't worry what others have to say about anything.  You speak the truth regardless of what others may think of your speaking the truth.  You take how others feel about you with a grain of salt.  

You also like to stand back and observe others.  You are a people watcher and this will help you to find a way into any situation.  

Even though you can't be known world wide, you are ok with that because you know not every one is meant to be in the spotlight. 

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Image:  **The Winged Enchantment Cards by Lesley Morrison and artwork by Lisa Hunt images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 1971 U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited.**

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