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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Catfish Part 1.

Mar 28, 2016

Catfish Part 1                     


A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.
Did you hear how Dave got totally catfished last month?! The fox he thought he was talking to turned out to be a pervy guy from San Diego!

The above definition can be found online in the "Urban dictionary"- however late in 2014 this alternate meaning was officially recorded as a word (noun and verb) in the official Merriam-Webster dictionary both online and hard copy versions.

At first glance most of us are familiar with "catfish" as a species of fish, found across the globe, in both fresh and salt water and having approximately 30+ sub-species with new varieties continually found.

So why are we talking about "catfish" on a spiritual site that promotes spiritual subjects? I am excited to share the information my guides have been transmitting to me and why they have asked me to introduce this idea, definition and meaning and how exactly it is relevant to our spirituality.

But first a little background; as I have found many times previously my guides will often lead me towards an evolution (think of this as taking a class with my guides' as the professors) using a movie, series or even basic television program as their launching pad. So several weeks ago I happened across a program, which then led me to a documentary and from that point I began to "learn" and digest some amazing insights into life, both as humans and spiritual beings. And for those that would like to view the program, it is hosted by MTV and is called, "Catfish, the TV show". The documentary was shot and released in 2010 (prelude to the ongoing series) and received mixed but dramatic reviews and even a few awards as an independent film/documentary. The film focuses on the experience of Nev Shulman who is the host of the television series. For those of you that may already be familiar with the concept behind either or have perhaps watched the show or series I do want to be VERY clear before continuing; this blog topic and the information channeled via my guides' is NOT in ANY way to be misconstrued as judgmental in regards to social media, online connections whether friendships, gaming partners and even romantic connections. In fact my guides' are actually very supportive and encouraging towards the technology available that allows us to engage with and interact with other humans from around the world, of every possible, race, religion, gender identity etc. While they do of course recommend that anyone dating or meeting another person use common sense and take safety precautions; this is NOT intended to weigh the risks or rewards of social networking.

It IS intended to enlighten and offer a perspective on or about the way in which many of us tend to "personify" or emulate other people or create an illusion of who and what we are rather than simply being who or what we are.
In the last month or so my guides have been intent on sharing insight and guidance relevant to our true self; among other topics I have channeled information regarding our spiritual gender, trusting our own spiritual intuition to name a few. The universal message always feels to be related towards being true to self- accepting and embracing who we are and the ability to then communicate or transmit such truth to all those in our life or perhaps those we seek to attract into our life.

As I watched these various "encounters" taking place (viewing the series and documentary) my guides began to activate my higher self so that I was able to engage on a spiritual level how often we literally "catfish" our own self. We- all humans at one time or another have whether for need or want, intentional or unintentional adapted or created from fiction a character or trait for personal gain. That does not necessarily indicate that we as humans are all "phony"or "fake" but it does and can show us how those small twists of who we are do have the potential to escalate into someone who we certainly are not.

And when we are struggling with our identity, or during perhaps a personal crisis, challenge or difficult time it can seem tempting, easy and almost the perfect solution for escaping who we are, therefore escaping what and/or the life we are currently living.

So to make a comparison; it makes sense and is appropriate that we don professional attire to attend a job interview even though we may be the much more casual type. Or we may make an effort to abort any displays of our rather eccentric sense of humor when a situation is one that requires a somber and respectful demeanor. These examples are those times in which no harm is caused to self or others, and our intentions are honorable and created with respect to self, others and the situation at large. And as human beings, we have ALL donned a different hat so to speak when the occasion requires such a need. This is simply diversity, flexibility and even common courtesy.

However when such flexibility or adaptation rises or is created with the conscious intention to mislead. To reinvent or deny the very core of our highest and true self thus presenting a facade or a persona that is without substance in contrast or conflict to the truth and we then pour such creations, energies, influences, traits or identities to the collective or even specific humans, situations, etc. We have crossed a profound and intense line that can and often becomes so powerful, so thick in self-denial and corruption that we run the risk of emancipating our connection to not just our true self, but the collective and all that which is the Divine, the creator and the source. THIS is a very dangerous (spiritually) energy and often brings about an implosion or explosion of reality versus fiction with the potential consequences of such actions to be seriously leading to the devastating shattering of our trinity, soul and spirit.

And while the threat to self is as real as an explosive set to detonate, it also threatens the well-being and the lives' of all those in our path.

Just as a literal bomb or explosion is apt and quite likely to destroy or maim those innocents that are simply "too close" to the time of actual impact. Spiritually the same can be true; the domino effect occurs and the aftermath can and has shattered the lives', the trust and the relationships with others not only for that moment but often forever.
Catfish; more than a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a profile on a dating site or group forum; this phenomena can twist our own life. Or affect the core of our self and soul towards a spiritual meltdown, breakdown where the hunter becomes the hunted, the predator the prey and the identity or the icon of who or what we are becomes compromised in ways that may never be recovered.

So join me as we explore this dark place; leave the lights on while my guides channel and explore Catfish; the spiritual blog.

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