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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday 8/7 - "Divine Intervention" Part 2

Aug 8, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday, 8/7- 8pm EDT
áááááááááá "Divine Intervention" Part 2
As always Starz BlogTalk is every Monday nights (barring holidays, technical issues or emergencies) at 8pm EDT. Please remember if you have missed any previous shows, you can visit Starz home page and on the bottom left click on the BlogTalk link. There are a variety of choices for listening and all shows are listed in order of date and with topics clearly listed.

Our hosts are always Natalie AKA StarzCast (Owner/founder/CEO of Starz and all affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Natalie and I have been co-hosting together for close to 2 years now!!

After some additional insight; such as reminding our audience that faith is likely the most important factor in receiving a Divine intervention, we had the pleasure of a caller. We also both were in agreement that Divine intervention is not only a situation in which we are prevented or stopped from potential danger, tragedy or other type of disasters and/or loss. But often time’s Divine intervention can persuade, guide or simply urge us with that nagging instinct towards something which results in a huge blessing as was the case with our caller. A very enlightened and spiritual female, she shared how she had attended a crowded function awaiting the arrival of a friend. Being a bit shy and somewhat of an introvert, when it became apparent her friend had stood her up, there was a major choice. As she explained; with one foot out the door, I just couldn't stop or quiet this overwhelming feeling that for whatever reason I needed to stay-so I did! Eating alone while waiting for the evening's musical entertainment to begin, a small group of females became friendly, noticing her solo status. With language barriers as they spoke very little English and our caller spoke neither of their learned languages, they all joined together using gestures and smiles to interact. Our guest continued to share that in the weeks following her "night on the town"; she had been manifesting and opening her heart and spiritual energy to the potential of finding a well matched life partner. She knew she would likely have to step out of her comfort zone, which she certainly did on that particular evening, but she chose FAITH! It was her choice to believe that Divine intervention exists, along with being open to that which we desire, want or need. As she made the best of the evening, enjoying herself despite the language obstacles, these ladies introduced her to their male cousin. By now you can probably guess the ending, but for the sake of clarity, that man is now her husband! He has all the important qualities that she knew would be best suited for a life partner and they have lived in open communication and happiness ever since. He DID speak English and in part why her new lady friends, had him join the table of females.

Her story points out the essential parts to accepting, receiving and embracing all forms of Divine intervention. Not only must we have faith, but also be open to a variety of outcomes trusting the "right" path will somehow be visible. She also overcame fear, we all have fears of the unknown but we do not have to allow those fears to define us and should never allow fear to make our choices or decisions. And finally; rather than ignore that nagging intuitive feeling that she needed to stay, alone and in a place she had never visited, but once again she trusted in that strong and powerful urge. And reaped the greatest blessing she has ever received for doing so. (Her words)

Whether your instincts or what my mother used to phrase as the "little professor in our head" urge you to stay or go, being spiritually connected allows all of us to receive these signs, and then with faith choose to listen.

What an amazing and uplifting story and we are so grateful she shared with all of us.

As we moved on interjecting some of our own personal "interventions", Natalie shared one of the most profound experiences that any human could possibly receive. For those that know Natalie, it's possible you have heard this before, but it never loses its ability to remind us all, that Divine intervention is or can be absolutely life changing.

And for most of us that know the depth and sincerity of Natalie's compassionate, giving and loving nature, it's not all that surprising that she was witness to a Divine phenomena on so many spiritual levels. During a bout with a very serious and incurable illness, the doctors were worried about the outcome as Natalie lay in bed, wasting away. Too weak to stand, eat or even visit with close friends, the situation was escalating. A team of doctors worked frantically for a cure; giving supportive care and I am sure praying that she would or could survive this deadly attack. For someone such as our dear Natalie; vivacious, full of energy, talkative and animated, to spend months almost unable to even lift her head from the pillow to say it was frightening is an understatement. And while Natalie has always been a spiritual person, she admits that during those earlier years, she lacked the strong connection, profound understanding and full and total spiritual bond she simply shines with today.

During a rather difficult night, she awakened by her bedroom being lit up as if every light was shining straight into her room. Conscious but still a bit groggy from sleep and the toil her illness had taken, she sought some logical explanation for the illuminated room. However no artificial lights were on, the house was still and quiet and she suddenly felt the presence of something Divine or the equivalent. When she looked upwards, she was stunned to see a massive crystal as if painted on her wall, emitting the most iridescent golden color across the walls, floors and ceilings. Still too ill to call out to her husband or even rise out of bed, she simply basked in this amazing vision, and felt a huge shift within her soul and being. This wasn't a dream and was as real as anything she had ever witnessed. She eventually drifted back to sleep in a more peaceful slumber, knowing that this experience had changed her life, her future and her path.

Fast forward a few months and much to her doctors delight yet beyond explanation; Natalie grew stronger each day. However in addition to what can only be explained and/or defined as Divine healing, there were many other changes within Natalie. She became devoutly spiritual and was moved towards her true path and purpose which eventually led her to "Starz". So this profound Divine intervention was multi-faceted and for many reasons, she was given a tremendous blessing in so many ways.

And Natalie NEVER fails to "pay it forward" or give to any/all in need. And sometimes that is just her infectious laugh, unwavering support or her empathic compassion towards all.

While most of us are not going to experience something quite as incredible as Natalie (and most of us are not as truly within the light of love and compassion as Natalie either) we are all equal in what the future holds and who is "on the list". If you have faith and believe in any type of creator, source, greater power or the Divine in any way, then you are just as eligible as any other human being.

We ask that you reflect back on your life, as I am sure you will find moments or memories where something is not explained other than by Divine intervention. And while some of us are able to see, feel or know the results or reasons; such as our guest caller, for others we may never know what would or could have been had we not received that intervention.

All we need is faith, a small price and a joyous one at that to be within the potential of such interventions.

Be sure to join us next Monday, 8pm EDT for another provocative and spiritual topic!

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