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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - When it feels right & when it feels wrong Part 3.

Mar 25, 2016

"When it feels right and when it feels wrong"
~Understanding our own intuition and energy~

Part 3

As we look closer at our own unique spirituality and all the ways in which we are so closely connected. Hopefully we begin to understand and embrace our higher self/core or energy and recognize its existence as being as real as our physical form.

While many of us may be busy living our more "literal" or physical life and in pursuit of what we may see as the "real" world or self it is easy to dismiss the spirit or soul within. And we also accept that there are those that firmly disavow any belief or acknowledgement that we (humans/earthlings) are more than quite simply; flesh and blood. Whether an individual system or the result of cultural or even sub-religions, we all are within our right to choose what resonates and promotes our own style or way of life. But then of course those that are absent in any shred of even the potential for belief are most likely NOT reading this blog, nor visiting this site~~

So for the believers, the curious and the staunch supporters we continue to share insight into becoming and/or remaining aware and in touch with that light that burns brightly within.

My guides teach and support that many of us have experienced dozens or more of "supernatural" or spiritual experiences; whether warnings or motivations/intentions but have not yet found the way of expressing or even defining such. It is natural even for those truly committed to their spiritual self or those that identify with the existence to find they questioning events after or even as they occur. Within that process comes the term or the explanation perhaps of coincidence. My own spiritual journey, coupled with a traditional education in psychology; and then furthering that with my deep and profound commitment as a spiritual expert has taught me or perhaps brought me to a place of communion. Simply translated that only is said to profess or to uphold that experiences not just unique to my person, but shared by hundreds or more of humans from around the globe that there is something guiding each and every one of us. I have chosen (or perhaps was chosen) to share an amazing connection with spirituality in which I term as my "guides" much like teachers and mentors; they are keys to helping me piece the puzzle together. I can no longer ignore that millions of us have experiences that defy logic or science and that these are simply "random" and without meaning. Instead my journey has brought me to the opposite side thus embracing the self and world view that we each possess strong, influential and guided energies or innate *knowing* equally and collectively.

So for the believers for which this is written we then look to the how and perhaps even the why; and seek direction on our journey to rely on and use these abilities to assist us in achieving the highest-greatest path and potential.
I ascribe personally and professionally to the ideology that our journey is always about learning and as long as we live, this is a constant flow, and like the well that never runs dry is never beyond reach.

So for those seeking to reaffirm the spiritual connection and to become more aware and perhaps more reliant on this wealth of knowledge and support the journey is never at end. The beginning always starts with the belief and that belief becomes the potential. The potential then allows for each of us to choose to become one with self in addition to the collective and Divine. And although it may sound or appear easy, in reality this is perhaps the biggest hurdle or the greatest obstacle most of us as humans face. We have expanded as a nation, a species, a society to a level that is to a degree based in a hedonistic pursuit. Therefore being that of a driven culture, we are then in essence a collection of beings that seek or pursuit gratification and fulfillment of self, and that which suggests pleasure, reward and satisfaction. When we then are faced with a trigger, a moment, a brief shiver of energy or sliver of doubt; it becomes easier to see why that spiritual message is ignored or seen as fears, doubts or simply irrational.

To become enlightened to the point that we "hear" and then even listen to those whispered words, we absolutely must place complete and total trust in the higher self, the spirit, soul or trinity. And for the majority of humans (self-included) when we have chosen NOT to heed the message, we almost always find that something will be or become skewed, amiss or even worse.

So therein lays the center of the conflict. To trust and then obey that "feeling" whether it urges us onward or holds us at bay in spite of or despite the human yearning and overpowering emotions and desires to comply in the opposite.
Self-awareness and most important self-trust is key, vital and essential to advancing and partaking of this amazing resource that is found within self, and to imagine that each of us, as varied as the snowflakes or droplets of rain are privy to such power.

While there are as we have mentioned countless examples of those whom listened and may have been saved from heartbreak, disaster or a myriad of negative experiences. To those that took the risk, moved forward on that urging and found ahead someone or something that was truly life changing. To place or to attempt to define or place this in context is difficult to articulate or explain. If we look at the physical body or form, and our genetic ability of the "fight or flight"; science coupled with medicine prove to us that during a time of danger, threat or so perceived our body shifts into an automated response that courses through our veins, heart, lungs and prepares us literally, to withstand many or various potential situations. Again the 100 pound mother that lifts the 2 ton truck off her son's limp body. The young man that is thrown into defense mode successfully fighting off armed attackers to break free and survive what surely could have been his demise.

Our spiritual "professor" or that ever present, ever knowing guiding source offers the same or the equal opportunity for those matters of the heart, the choices we make and the path we walk and create on our journey. The greatest difference between these two amazing gifts or blessings is the physical is autonomous, and the spiritual asks to be recognized and then embraced. And we embrace this through trust and faith. Simple words with complex meanings.

It means staying home from the pre-planned social event when something continues to feel off, wrong or suspect. No logic, just blind trust in our spiritual guidance for our higher self.

Or when we seem uninterested in a social invitation, preferring to decline, but that nagging feeling, that something deep within keeps pestering us with words or feelings to "go". And we meet a soul mate or life partner. Or perhaps a best friend.

All of these experiences are real. They are legitimate and they occur on a much more frequent basis then what one might expect. We simply have to find that inner frequency, the small hum like a distant radio station, so that we are "tuned in" or dialed in to hear or to receive the guidance that we can and most certainly will receive. And although my guides teach that denial or ignorance does not always necessarily end in disaster or catastrophe; they vehemently support that listening, obeying or simply engaging that resource, always guides us to a higher place. Whether that place or outcome is safety, love or just a wonderful day of bliss, it in of itself, is never wrong. So while we may narrowly miss some unknown intersection via alternate means, you can be sure that embracing and harnessing our spiritual guidance, our light, our truth, our self, will always be a step towards gaining a greater sense of what is to be.

As we process and each review this information; we next take a look at separating the irrational fears or that which is created versus that which is truly the spiritual wisdom. 

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