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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - When it feels right & when it feels wrong Part 2.

Mar 24, 2016

"When it feels right and when it feels wrong"
  ~Understanding our own intuition and energy~

Part 2

As we explore our spiritual wisdom or our core intuition, we of course must believe, accept and then embrace that all of us possess that potential. While there is often a varying degree of how deep or how strong that intuition or "gut" feeling/instinct is within individuals, the very fact of being spiritual beings validates that such exists within all.

I cannot express how many times I have heard the expression; "if only I had listened to my gut", or some form of that paraphrase or sentiment. And even on a personal level, I can truly identify with those times that my head or perhaps heart ignored or overruled that feeling only to regret doing so. And in my experiences in this profession, and with the ongoing guidance and insight of my guides' I can attest to the fact that many if not most traumatic experiences were or had a connection to that instinct. As humans, we are motivated to fulfill our desires, dreams and aspirations. And this is generally most conflicting or even confusing when it comes to love, relationships or the search for a companion or life partner. We not only exist as humans and spiritual beings with basic survival instincts but as my guides have reiterated many times, for the majority of us, love is in essence an instinctual drive. It includes the desire for acceptance, validation and ultimately to seek and find that one person that almost mirrors all the desires and potential we see or wish to see within our own self.

And the search for love and the complex and complicated relationships we often find ourselves entangled in, just seem to prove at one point or another, that our instincts were accurate all along.

Our spiritual energy and those very true and very real feelings that can vary from excitement or expectation to red flags or warnings are not limited to relationships and play a much greater role in our life than we may be aware.

It is probably safe to assume that every human adult has at one time or another had a flash, a feeling, a reaction that defies perhaps logic or explanation but exists nonetheless. Perhaps your own story or experience is dramatic; a planned trip that you suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to postpone or cancel. And only later to find out that perhaps a family member came down ill or was injured and you would have been miles from home. Or even stories we have all heard or read those that barely missed a fatal crash or avoided other dangers because some unnamed feeling of reluctance kept us from walking out the door. Although Divine often intervenes on our behalf, and the alarm doesn't wake us, we miss the bus, etc., this series is about our instincts and our awareness that something seems to be pulling or pushing us in a direction that we were not expecting.

With the amazing world of internet technology, there are just countless stories of experiences that "almost happened". Events that were narrowly avoided or escaped because a person just simply had "a bad feeling" and chose to follow that strong, unrelenting feeling. And we also have likely read, or have had shared by a friend or another opposite outcome. A tragedy strikes, and the survivor or the witness claims; I knew something was wrong, everything was telling me not to go in, not to accept that ride, etc. And for whatever reason, logic or perhaps just our natural tendency to distrust or dismiss at times what seems to have no validation we can see or hear, we ultimately learn was in fact an attempt to warn us or steer us from danger or other negative experiences.

Naturally not everyone has experienced major such occurrences. We are always connected to our spiritual core/center even if we are not conscious or aware that this connection is constant and ever present. At times it can be a somewhat trivial matter that exists or occurs; however the significance may not always be about that exact or specific experience. It may in fact be more relevant to our ability to listen with our soul, to hear with our spiritual wisdom and to trust that there is something greater or more knowing that just our opinion, logic or cognitive ability.

Growing up as an intuitive, I was much more inclined to believe the information, energy, visions or feelings I received involving others. When it came to my personal life, just as many I was often reluctant to give credence and again as most humans are prone, to ignore those flags, those signs or feelings when what I felt was a contrast to what I wanted. I would like to think that life's lessons have taught me to always listen to that spiritual voice. My mother used to refer to this as; "the little professor inside". It was her way of communicating and even validating what she didn't always understand, but through her own lifetime had certainly learned to respect, well at least most of the time!

So whether you recall the time you are eternally grateful for listening to or abiding by that feeling to stop, or having avoided something dreadful- or you have an experience that impacted your life that you still reflect on with words such as, if only I had listened, if only I had paid attention. You are a part or a piece in the connection shared by all of us; human and spirit and that which Divine has given to us, the gift or access to tuning into our own inner channel, where wisdom, choices and our future may depend on the quietest whisper, or perhaps a churning felt deep in our hearts, something that is very right, or something that may be very wrong.

Join us as we continue to explore our spirituality and how accurate and reliable our own intuition truly is.  ~

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