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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Spiritual Gendering" Part 3

Mar 10, 2016

"Spiritual gendering"
Part 3

As we take a closer look at how gender effects and influences our physical and/or current human life we first need to be aware of the dominant gender. As my guides shared in the first part of this series and our discussion on air; it is our belief that our spiritual core/center/energy is the main influence in our being or dominates all other influences in our life, path, etc.

It is also or there also exists within specific gender traits or "crossover" traits which help us to be balanced in our nature and thus our life in all aspects most especially relationships. When our spiritual or core gender is a match to our physical gender and we fall within the more traditional patterns or roles, we generally have little to no "gender" issues. However because it is believed that our core self is the primary influence, when there exists a conflict, we are then often generally challenged to find our niche in life and often relationships. This is also a good time to remind that our sexual preference, orientation or choice is not necessarily connected or relevant to our actual spiritual gender. This is a very sensitive and subjective area for many people, and my guides feel this choice is a mixture of many influences the biggest factor simply being our personal preferences. So when we refer to "gender" this is all areas except for sexual or romantic preference in a gender, including those that are bi-sexual and even asexual.

Although it is recognized and encouraged that we all follow our true path and remain true to self above all other influences that doesn't negate that such influences exist. Just as we are all inter-connected as the collective or universal, we are also influenced and often pressured by cultural expectations, roles and societies. There are a myriad of roles that vary with ethnicity, religion, spiritual beliefs. Also we all carry our generational DNA which affects our "role expectations" and that, which we all share, the universal ancient survival instincts. So when we take a broader view we can begin to see just how influential and significant our sense of gender truly is.

Any time there is conflict or discord between our spiritual self or core and our physical life or path, it creates various potentially negative vibrations. Such as anxiety, chaos, confusion and conflict. If our spiritual gender feels or seems to be more feminine, yet we are a physical male living as a male or the role is expected to embrace masculine energy that in itself is a bit chaotic. As discussed or shared in yesterday's blog (part 2) there are various traits or characteristics that are considered masculine versus feminine and accepted as such in most societies. When our core energy moves in an opposite direction from that expected role or traits, we are often forced to make difficult choices. There are those that embrace that gender or spiritual gendering (identity) and have learned to accept and embrace any variances from what others may consider the "norm". Those humans are more spiritually evolved and do not require as much support or approval and are able to define their true self via their connection to self and to Divine. And this is the highest path whether we are discussing following our purpose or following our gender. This is however the most difficult and challenging path and often why humans oppress their higher or true self in effort to be accepted and seen or viewed as "normal" or falling into that or those roles defined by others. And any time we suppress or oppress our true nature, regardless of the exact or specific influence we create chaos and conflict and are unable to fully achieve balance and harmony.

A few examples of this "split" or the conflict that can potentially arise would be in the following scenarios;

A human with the male physical gender that resonates more with the feminine energy or spiritual gender. "He" is expected to grow up with an interest in sports, toys are generally cars, trucks, building sets and more physically challenging activities. A male as seen by society is not traditionally expected to be emotional, sensitive or identifying with femininity over masculinity. Especially our pre-teen and teenage years these differences in the physical versus spiritual can cause others to be quite cruel and judgmental. So the "male" that loves to dance and rather than playing football or hockey begs to take tap dance, ballet or other more "feminine" type activities. For some of you reading this it may bring back uncomfortable memories of either standing up for your true self over and over again or worse, giving in to the pressure from parents, guardians or peers. Forced to engage in activities or "be" that which one is truly not.

Or we have the physical female human that resonates with the more masculine defined roles, traits and interests. For example, "she" spends no time or has no interest in sharing in cooking, sewing or the expected ballet or dance classes. However instead assists perhaps a male figure, a father or uncle in working on vehicles, with a natural knack for understanding the mechanics of motors and engines. The important factor in our "gendering" is to be able to understand the difference between a "mismatch" if you will between spiritual gender and physical gender versus attaching various masculine or feminine traits to ONLY sexuality or preference. Although there may be certain traits that apply to roles, this too my guides share is dominated from the spiritual gender or gendering rather than a result of sexual orientation.

If we look at this universally; we can see a huge trend in the versatility of roles within our societies. Although there is variance in acceptance with location and culture, the trend globally is allowing all humans (which all humans are spiritual beings) to engage, embrace and display all manner of traits and characteristics without being defined, placed in a "box" or facing ridicule, judgment and even ostracizing from a community. Where the pressure for "conformity" simply by our physical gender has eased quite a bit from say even 50 years ago. And we are also able to envision that humans are also more accepted when displaying traits or characteristics of both masculine and feminine and the gaps between the differences are closing. That being said however, there is always a distinction to some degree and why it remains significant to our life path, purpose and personal relationships to have high self-awareness and total acceptance.

For example my guides although they share there is a distinction in pure spiritual energy; there is however NO distinction in what role such may be or indulge and that love is a universal blessing and gift. That all spiritual beings including those inhabiting their vessel or human body are capable of loving all other beings without the need in the spiritual realm for "classifications" by gender and/or sexual preference. It can be a bit daunting to understand or at least initially it was confusing for me, so my guides ask that I clarify a few things so we are more able to grasp the larger concept.

A female in form (human gender/physical gender) may not always embrace the main traits of feminine gendering. In addition; those again in the female gender who are attracted to other female forms or the physical female rather than male. This is usually termed to be "lesbian" by most societies and has does not indicate nor cause/create the spiritual gender. It can however be the opposite. Which simply put means that no matter what our physical form gender takes, and regardless of sexual preference there is just as much potential for such to be spiritually feminine or masculine. And the same is true with the male form in their preferences. So our spiritual gender may influence our sexual preference but ONLY in so much as we all as spiritual beings and humans are in general attracted to the opposite energy regardless of our chromosomes, xx versus xy.

Another example is the female physically with more masculine energy or spiritual gender in career or work place. There are many that struggle to maintain their acceptance both with females and males and be allowed or encouraged to follow a strong career path traditionally associated with male energy or the masculine.

In the US we see an amazing representation of the physical female, competing in our presidential election which is truly unprecedented. And please note **** this is NOT an endorsement of any candidate**** this is for example purposes only. As listed in part 2, the energy (spiritual gendering) of femininity is a softer more emotional energy in comparison to the stronger masculine counterpart. And in the US the female-again the physical form was not even originally allowed to VOTE! And this particular example fought great barriers and obstacles to be able to overcome the universal or societal "tags" or role defining traits placed upon the physical gender rather than actual traits, characteristics and most important, individuality.

So we as a collective have come quite a long way in lifting labels and stigmas and allowing equality within all gender lines. We are seeing this in schools, in their athletic competitions and events and in all facets of life and culture.

It is our human nature to seek approval and acceptance. If we trace back our earliest roots or the beginning of the human race, whether again one has a religious belief or Darwinism. At the core of pro-creation and the ability to truly survive and sustain life we needed other humans, companionship was essential to our survival physically, emotionally and psychologically. And that cannot be totally erased or eradicated from our spiritual being or core self/center. We all carry within the drive for unification to some degree.

So the search for self-definition begins with awareness and some comprehension of gender in the spiritual self. And within that lies the potential for all traits to become viable and affirmable pieces of who we are and who we shall become.

Next; walking the path- when we finally are in "sync". ~

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