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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "The Empath; Starz BlogTalk Radio" Part 2 with/Natalie & StarzMayaMoon

Feb 7, 2017

"The Empath; Starz BlogTalk Radio"
Part 2

Hopefully many of you tuned in last night-Monday 2/6 at 8pm EST for our second half and conclusion on being and Empath and dealing with empathic gifts. Starz BlogTalk runs every Monday night at 8pm EST other than a few major holidays. All broadcasts are live but also recorded; you can access part 1 or 2 and all numerous other topics by going to the home page and clicking on the BlogTalk link. There are several choices and/or venues for listening to prior recorded shows, and each is listed by topic or title and date.

As always we had our hosts Natalie-AKA StarzCast, (Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and all affiliates) and myself; Maya -AKA StarzMayaMoon. Last night we had the honor of a guest host joining our team, Kandi -AKA StarzPriestessKandiRansom.

We turned our focus and guidance for part 2 on the challenges often faced with empath's and insight into potential ways of learning to embrace our gifts with more control and balance. Although as Natalie pointed out and Natalie is an extremely, profound and intense empath this IS a gift and a blessing. But as with many gifts we are still humans and always require that state of grace and inner balance. After a week of allowing us all time to consider the positive effects as well as the potential to become overwhelmed, all three hosts added some wonderful tips and insight.

Natalie; a very naturally compassionate, giving spiritual person often struggles in her attempts to embrace the collective with love and spreading her joy. But this open energy also works both ways, what goes in, also can be released and while a good deed can bring a sense of joy and/or fulfillment when shared. It can also if left unchecked, cause havoc or unexplained feelings spiritual, emotional and even physical. Because in general most empath's or those with empathic gifts are not at such an elevated level, Natalie is a prime example and was able to share an experience out shopping, almost in a sense as a bit of an empathic "test". Before leaving she prepped herself spiritually for what has become her "norm" in absorbing all the mixed energies surrounding her physical presence. Natalie explained that she took a few moments to manifest positive intentions and to focus on sharing her "light" rather than a more passive approach which more easily leads to tapping into unwanted (or needed) energies. And it actually worked very well for her!! Those of us who know Natalie or have worked with Natalie as a client, expert or just a BlogTalk follower know she is always reaching out to assist those in need. Whether that’s holding open a door and helping to check off another's grocery list that powerful empathy is able to be shared with all others. What she found as she intentionally made sure to smile, greet all that crossed her path and even those admitting to a "bad day" not only had instant and amazing positive changes for those others. But she also recognized that she began receiving that sense of positive energy and it became a spiritual and emotional mood alteration as it was rebounded back so when we give our light, compassion, caring, energy as Natalie ALWAYS DOES, it is returned to us and often tenfold.

Kandi shared with us that she recognized herself to be an empath (among other gifts) by age 7 and started her journey studying at that same age. Therefore she was extremely young to be able to control this gift and continues to use what she learned to this day. Her advice was to do some meditation and to ask that if any energies are not intended for her, that they be blocked whether negative energies or simply those out of her realm of being of assistance.

This was very much or very similar to what my guides also suggested. That as empath's before leaving the house or entering into a situation that normally is a trigger for that gift. We take the time to realize we are HUMAN BEINGS and even though we may have this gift, whether minor or as with Natalie to the extreme, we are not Divine. We do not and should not assume the power, control or accountability for "fixing" the collective, strangers, the world or places after even a weather disaster or event. So we ask for protection against that which we cannot change or have no way of altering or shifting. It does take time to practice and learn how to "shut" the window/door or just what is transmitted and/or absorbed.

For empath's they will always "feel" and pick up the influences and energies of others, whether intentional or unintentional. As with most things in life, we need to take action when a spiritual gift or any energy or influence becomes a distraction or problem in our personal life. Whether that is displayed by strong emotions, headaches, sadness or a myriad of other potential symptoms.

We can embrace our gifts as Natalie has certainly done and as my guides mentioned in part 1, she is probably one of if not the strongest empath I have encountered. And always in life we are always learning and finding new, different and better methods to help us deal with our gifts as well as our general challenges, obstacles and life events.

For those that now perhaps realize that what they have experienced for years or as in Kandi's case a virtual lifetime, try some of the suggested methods and until you find the one best suited for you. Although we can avoid public venues, or social gathers, this is truly not healthy as humans (just as most other species of animals) are social creatures and we all need that human contact. So whether we choose to give or release unnecessary emotions or energy to our Higher power, God or Divine. Or we imagine being wrapped in a layer of spiritual protection so that most if not all energies bounce off rather than be absorbed or taken into our own spiritual core. The important factor is living in grace and balance; the ability to be grateful for our gifts and blessings whatever those may be. But also loving and honoring our own true self enough to release any/all burdens that simply are not ours to carry, hold or conceal.

And blocking out unneeded or overwhelming and/or collective energies no matter what/how we find the way that works best for our own individuality. It never changes our deepest compassion, our love of guiding or assisting others whether a volunteer at a soup kitchen or a professional psychic. We do not need to fear we will "lose" that special part or piece of us that while at times difficult makes us also very special.

And if anyone is living, breathing proof of that balance and that walk in grace I would have to say in truth and love; Natalie exemplifies and is a true leader in that spiritual sense. ~

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