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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Mar 8, 2016

Ok, so all the astro events are happening this week!  Woo!!  Tomorrow is the eclipse!  Oh boy!  This will certainly prove to be extremely interesting!

The Eclipse.  Since this eclipse is sitting so close to my Sun, I’m going to report what I’ve noticed so far.  Now, everyone will likely have a different reaction to this, either very positively or negatively.  From what I can tell, the influence is very good, and it feels like its an instant manifestation from the spirit/mind to the physical reality.  I have certainly noticed this - funny things like hitting all the traffic lights at the right time so that you drive from one place to another without any stops!  I sometimes get a picture in my mind, and find it manifests outside of myself very quickly.  

Because of a shift I”ve had recently, it feels as though I’m coming from the heart when I talk to most people.  There is a much more friendly atmosphere happening within myself, and so it translates to outside of me.  This is how I”m experiencing it - depending on what planet the eclipse is hitting in your own chart (eclipse is at 18 degrees of Pisces), then that particular part of yourself could go through a spiritual/cosmic sort of transformation.

To add to this wonderful sort of feeling - we have several other planets basically aligning with the eclipse.  First is Mercury going into Pisces, which happened yesterday.  This will add the intellectual part of ourselves aligning with the metaphysical nature of the eclipse itself.  We will likely experience some confusion with this, or a little more spacy type of thinking - but by and large, there’s a very positive outcome of all this.  It will be as though the mind is aligning with the eclipse frequency, which to me is teaching us a lot about universal love and acceptance.  A big factor in this, is also forgiveness of those that might have wronged us.  If we can let go of all the hurts, and some of the baggage, we will be much further ahead!

And, to add to all of this - Mars is finally leaving Scorpio, and entering Sagittarius, also on the 8th. This seems to support the PIsces planetary jam where the eclipse is, because Sagittarius is to a degree, a secondary influence of something bigger than ourselves trying to get through to our conscious minds, in order to help transform and add new perpectives on things.  Sagittarius is also some kind of comic relief, so things might just get much lighter, after this Mars in Scorpio business.  

And finally, Jupiter will be the closest to earth in over two years!  This definitely echoes the Mars in Sagittarius, in the fact that consciousness, as we know it now, will completely shift, in some ways, by the end of this week!  This week is really truly going to be filled with a lot of growth for everyone - so hang in there, and go with the flow!

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