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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual gendering; male, female or undefined

Mar 6, 2016

 "Spiritual gendering; male, female or undefined"
Part 1

Today we begin a new blog series on the topic of "gender" and specifically if there is neutrality in the spiritual world including our spiritual self. Or perhaps there is reason to believe that our soul/spirit does reflect gender or the traits of one gender more so than another. As we look deeper into this somewhat sensitive and debated topic; we must also at some point address any physical, emotional or cognitive influences. Also please note that identifying or denying gender in the spiritual sense is totally unrelated and irrelevant to our sexuality. So regardless of the information provided by my guides; they feel strongly that our sexual preference and/or identity is an altogether different topic or subject.

I have worked in the field of spirituality for more than 35 years and although I also worked many tradition careers and even attended traditional education, my experience with clients is vast and expansive. However so is that of many other experts or professionals so this in no way is meant to indicate that I have found the "right" belief or set of beliefs but only used to indicate this subjective topic has been one of a multitude of discussions. And from what I have gathered again via clients and experts alike it seems fairly evenly split in terms of those that support spiritual gender versus those that believe the spirit or soul has no actual discernable gender; but instead is either a combination of both equally or is represented with no clear gender markers.

Just as with any/all careers, I have been aware of being "different" since as far back as I can recall. At the present time I work by channeling my "guides". Although it is my feeling that my guides have always led my spiritual quest; it has been the last 15 or so years that I have identified such as my "guides". And therefore the information shared (as with almost all of my blogs or client sessions) is from or via my guides and the teachings which always resonate with my beliefs.

So as I present the insight shared please note that this is one of many views and as I am often known to say; one of the most amazing and enlightening factors in spirituality is the variety of views with no true "right or wrong".

As we begin my guides clearly show me that our spiritual energy or our spirit or soul has inherent gender. When we "cross over" or during times when we are in spirit without a vessel or a physical body, we are in a place of energy that has great understanding and wisdom. As humans (me included) it is difficult to imagine being totally without judgment or negativity and being one of all understanding. It is the state of pure and total universal grace, the ability to accept all that is and to have a higher knowledge of what drives the human being versus the pure grace and light of spirit. And although my guides teach that spiritual beings, whether once human or existing on a much higher plane or vibration share almost equally the acceptance and understanding of both male and female gender, even spirit embraces a form of gender identity.

And while my guides do their best to assist me in understanding; my humanity prevents me from truly being able to fully understand or know the precise state of being we have in pure spirit, or that which exists in that field of energy. The best I can describe what I have been shown is that there is just a strong quality that is more energy than literal that strongly implies to me a gender rather than being without gender or more of an "it" than a he/she. And the relevancy of this on our current life both spiritually and as humans is part of what will be shared or given for consideration.

The following areas of influence or factors if you will seem to be related and somewhat significant to the spiritual gendering. Our Karma, fate and destiny. Our current life and the intended path, our interactions and relationships and the "spillage" or the potential influences from previous lives', past reincarnations and of course the prevalence of choices faced and made during the current life. While some of these are often carried deep within our spiritual "cache" and therefore are not conscious memories or even influences we may be aware of, they still impact our life in a variety of ways.

So we begin by offering our definition of the "spiritual gendering". That which it potentially is or can be attributed to and that or those elements which are irrelevant to spiritual gender. As already mentioned, but to be clear; our sexual preference and/or identity have no correlation to our true or the pure gender of our spirituality. What it does include or becomes significant or relevant to include but may not be limited to the following; our self-image both in our core (spiritual) and ego (external or conscious self), our world perception and view. Which includes our baseline or core traits; those of either being prone to hope, faith and optimism as opposed to living only in the what is and what has been. Also this effects/affects how we are often perceived and that which resonates with our life and the way in which we not only view, but relate to others both the collective and within all relationships. Even our career paths, drives and ambitions relate to a degree back to our spiritual gender. So in conclusion it can be said that to one degree or another our inherent spiritual gender has an impact, influence or in some way interacts with almost all we do in life.

So clearly my guides feel strongly that spiritual beings, in all realms do resonate towards a gender. And they and myself accept that not all embrace this belief and there are or exist just as much information to support the opposite theory. As with all things it comes down to what makes sense or simply feels "right" to each of us. As again there are simply no "right or wrong" ways, views or beliefs. We are all of the Divine and collective and regardless of our specific roles and/or belief systems in this and all other factors, nothing changes the connection we all share and it is believed that such connection remains always the highest of any and all vibrations, energies and influences.

Next; a closer look at "gendering" and how we may choose to label such including self and others. ~

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