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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Still Afraid of the Dark"

Mar 5, 2016

"Still afraid of the dark"

If we were to take part or participate in a global poll, chances are if asked had we ever been afraid or had a fear of the dark it would be a unanimous yes. I seriously doubt that any of us can say or if so a few small few that they had never had an experience or a time when they felt some fear of the dark. For many of us this was a childhood memory perhaps long faded from memory. A particularly scary movie watched, an unexplained noise, the theatrical "bump in the night" and other such experiences. And although its likely most of us have outgrown such fears or have at the very least learned to control or overcome these many of us as adults from 20's to seniors still carry that small sensation of trepidation otherwise known as "fear of the dark".

If you have been following my blogs this year, it seems my guides have been intent on sharing or teaching the spiritual symbolism of light. Light they show to represent that of the highest good, that of truth, illuminated or the acceptance or love of or for the collective which correlates to "shining our light" on others. If we place this in its literal or physical sense it seems easy to interrupt or understand. When we compare our daily life; whether going to work, cooking a meal or even walking about our home darkness equates with difficulty or challenge. For those that experience for example power outages from powerful storms, they either prepare with a generator for backup power or keep a stock of candles, flashlights and a variety of light sources. There is no denying that the darkness is an inconvenience and because it is almost always associated with power (actual grid power) being "in the dark" is almost always equated with being without power; limiting our reliance on everything from computers to gaming systems.

But let’s take a look at the spiritual view of that fear of darkness. If we look back through the evolution of man, whether we embrace the Biblical explanation, the Darwin theory, Big bang etc., we all can agree that however ( or perhaps whomever) created man we did not come to be with power tools in hand, 64" television screens and Facebook! We always have been and shall continue to be a work in progress. And the biggest or the most significant discovery or influence throughout our thousands of years of existence has been fire; not just warmth and cooking but the process of light from an unnatural source.

So fire naturally changed our entire universe. But specifically looking at light, perhaps once only possible via the glow of the fire, then later learning to tote wooden poles making fire/light moveable our world became a very different one, forever changed.

However while the above is certainly true and factors into our life in almost every way; there is another element of light and that is its historical and universal symbol of all that is "good". As we mentioned above; good is the opposite of anything negative from an attitude to intention and all things in between.
And we believe and my guides feel strongly that all humans are or inherently aware of our light and the light within all others. My guides had also shared a blog on our "light" and how we can shine upon the world and others, creating an energy that is both positive and inspiring. Even those that do not consider themselves to be overly spiritual or have not necessarily connected the relevance of "lighting up" in the context of sharing that light, it still exists and without the need for batteries or a power cord.

For those that may perhaps be "still afraid of the dark" in addition or even opposite whatever memory or literal experience they may have encountered or recalled. My guides believe that deep in the "cache" of our spiritual core or center lays an unnamed fear of turning into or being spiritually thrust into darkness. The darkness in this context implies the absence of light as it equates to hope, faith and love. So it is quite possible that the reason you may "still be afraid of the dark" is your spiritual being or energy/core is attempting to keep you aware of that inner light. And that the importance and significance of our light is not just about being able to see in the literal sense, but our ability to rise above all circumstance and challenge and prevail with our own unique light, shining and blocking all darkness.

Although my guides do not necessarily expect that from this moment forward any and all fears of the dark will be immediately eliminated; it is quite likely and the potential is a higher or greater understanding. That the actual "darkness" truly carries no threat and is in the physical sense no more or less dangerous or worrisome than daylight hours. So for those that seem to carry a fear and especially if such is unwarranted (no experiences to correlate such fear) this is most likely simply a reminder of your spiritual light and the need to keep your light shining. It also represents our desire to embrace those that are within the light while avoiding those that seem to hide or otherwise deny their own spiritual light.

There is no reason spiritually to still "be afraid of the dark". Allow your light to shine, by the intention of envisioning that light and using it to shine in much the same way one would use a flashlight or gaslight. And as you embrace the light, just as the flames are drawn to one another, you will likely find that others are drawn to your light and perhaps even allow their light to shine brighter!

Our light is the absence of darkness and darkness is defined spiritually by the release or denial of hate, greed, envy and jealousy. And we brighten our life, the world and the collective by the light that reflects truth, justice, acceptance and love for all that exists.

So the next time you feel that inexplicable fear of the dark, reach inside and turn on the light! ~

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