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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - The Inspiration of Intentional Kindness

Mar 4, 2016

"The inspiration of intentional kindness"
My guides and of course myself would like to take this entry in the blog to honor with love and respect, Natalie-AKA StarzCast; Owner, Founder, CEO of Starz and affiliates. We have been co-hosting Monday evening's Starz BlogTalk Radio together on and off for a few years and consistently these past few months without additional regular or guest hosts. Natalie always mentions the importance and how she (and her wonderful son, Lou) are always on the alert or engaged in their interactions at stores, or in public as to other people and those especially that look as if they could use a helping hand. What a wonderful and light filled heart, attitude and intention!

And although those of you fortunate enough to be a friend, acquaintance, client or expert for Natalie know that she truly IS a shining star. The truth is even if we do not all possess an outgoing or socially comfortable attitude or energy; we are all capable of that or those intentions.

It is of course easy to become overwhelmed with our own life's troubles and challenges and as my guides consistently point out, we do live in a physical or earthly world that is quite devoted to the "clock". Where time seems to rule from when we arise, our schedule throughout the day until we retire for the night to bed. And granted some of us truly do have extraordinarily busy lives' and little free time for self or others. However this is not so much about needing MORE time as it is about shifting our internal intentions towards inspiration and awareness of others; both in the general collective but also in each encounter or in all we do or become. Natalie has provided on air so many wonderful examples of how sometimes even just a gentle smile, or the act of acknowledging another human rather than moving through the motions of our day in a robotic momentum.

When we create an intention, we are engaging in or embracing a deliberate choice of energy and style that affects our attitude of course. However this also has the potential to vibrate and resonate throughout our corner of the world, to all those we come into contact with and then that potential is transferred onto each of those crossing our path.

The ability to "inspire" comes in a myriad of packages and influences so to speak. From sharing a musical gift to showcasing art or teaching/sharing something learned we affect others. But also even the most plain or simple human being is still a spiritual being and has the gift or again the opportunity to recognize and use the gift of human-human inspiration. And when we make the choice to offer the world our positive vibration and energy we are giving a tremendous gift that rather than taking our stockpile of resources literally gives back often tenfold what was originally given.

And the core of this intentional inspiration is choosing to be aware therefore engaged with all other beings on our planet. We have all had our "bad days". We have all had our high moments and also our very low ones. And for most of us we can conjure up at least one memory of how a stranger or another human's intentional intervention elevated our energy or made a difference in our life, day or mood. Whether the stranger that pulled over as we sat stranded on the side of a highway, or the friendly neighbor that stopped to ask how our day had been. Or perhaps like our friend Natalie; someone unexpectedly handed out a compliment on your shirt, shoes or smile. A smile and positive energy is free and the well within never runs dry. And when we embrace this energy as our own and keep that intention moving forward by utilizing it at every possible opportunity amazing things tend to occur! And imagine or envision that of the 60 million or so humans that inhabit our planet we, each of us as individuals have infinite encounters or chance interactions in which we can share a bit of the "light" rather than pass through, unnoticed but also unaware. There are those of us that do tend to be shy and while that can be a bit difficult to overcome we are still quite capable of offering a smile should conversation prove a bit too pressured for us at the moment. It is not just about what we do, nor what if anything is said but that we keep the intention of our ability to inspire always in use, handy and ready at all times.

For those humans that feel they live a lonely existence or seem to lack close relationships or social invitations. Although we cannot of course guarantee that your social calendar will suddenly be overflowing or the man/woman of your dreams will pop up at the door, to sweep you off your feet. My guides do give clarity and assurance that those humans that feel most alone and/or isolated need to embrace the energy and intention to offer inspiration perhaps more than those whose lives’ are already full. And the reason is that most likely those that abound in love and love in the collective and general sense abound with friendships and positive interactions likely have embraced this way of giving. It may be an internal trait, as with Natalie just an important part of who they are and a dedication to that cause or purpose which while not the reason, becomes the effect of such, because love is the inspiration of all things. And love is always returned in some way or form to the original giver.

The same theory is true if we are the recipients or those having that "bad" day. Rather than sulking or sinking further into despair, worry or chaos, be the one that offers a smile. Or bends down to help someone in need collect their spilled purchases. Or assures the obviously new cashier that it is okay, rather than rolling our eyes, shifting from one foot to the other or looking pointedly at others making a likely very new trainee all the more self-conscious. Again we would like to use Natalie as a wonderful example as she has mentioned this exact scenario and she ALWAYS takes the time to build confidence by offering some gesture of understanding and support. Whether that is by reminding someone that we were all "new" at whatever we do, or that we are not in such a hurry that a few minutes of someone fumbling with protocol is going to disrupt our entire life.

So those that are most in need should be the first to embrace the intentions of inspiration and to become determined to be the one that offers a smile or even a nod letting another human know that someone notices they exist.

The teeny bit of time it may take is paid back tenfold and all energy we emit especially that which is intentional is always returned. So as we inspire we become inspired and if we add that to the energy or theory of "paying it forward"; imagine the world if all humans embraced this state of being and chose to be a part of the positive light and collective.

So whatever your day has in store, think about how you can so easily make a difference to another. And that we never know that a kind word, an offer, a pat on the shoulder or even a smile could very well be the only TRUE connection that person has experienced all day or perhaps even longer.

And it could also very well be the connection you receive back or that begins the cycle of positive energy; the inspiration of intentional kindness~~

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