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StarzBernie's Reviews

"Bernie is very on point and doesn't waste time. The reading was honest, direct with clear guidelines. It was helpful and gave me clarity. Thank you for your insights."
- Ctsui1

"I feel reassured, though she didnt answer my main question, I got answers to several other important questions. Thank you. <3 "
- Sarah

"Thank you!"
- Ricay

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From: NJ

Specialty: Love & Relationships

Hello and thank you for picking my profile. My gift of intuition has been with me all my life. My "gut" intuition is very strong and I can instantly get a sense of what is the truth and what is false in life situations. My friends like to call me a "human lie detector." I'm not sure why I have this talent, but it has always been a blessing for me.

My first experience with Spirit was as a teenager when my two sisters and I played with a Ouija board. We quickly learned that method was NOT the best way to communicate with Spirit! But from then on, I was open to my intuitive gifts and I am grateful for the experiment.

My heritage is a mix of Irish and Native American which I credit with being the source for my abilities. There are several close relatives in my family who have similar gifts and work as professional psychics, too.

It is my firm belief that we all have the power to heal ourselves. I also believe that all humans are connected as souls and this connection, when activated, is meant to help others in need.

When I read for you, you can expect truth and no wasted time. You will see that I get straight to the point and bring you the messages meant for you and I am also non-judgmental.

All are welcome here to my little corner with no criticism or prejudice. I am excited to be here at Starz and look forward to helping you.