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StarzClairvoyantCandy's Reviews

"I liked her, she is short & quick to answer, hoping to come back and say it all came true..."
- Teri

"Thank You CandyBarr for my reading tonight. :)"
- Jiselle

"She was the best picked up right away about alot of things and i will see if her predictions come true i hope they do i will be excited i like him so much 💜 thank you for a beautiful reading"
- Amanda

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From: IL

There is no other psychic I’ll ever go to again. This woman knows her stuff. Just look at her ratings and comments in general to know I’m not that only one. I’ve known candybar for years and years and while I can get frustrated sometimes given how blunt she is lol I think that’s what a psychic should be… blunt and honest and she is just that"

I will not sugar coat anything because it won't help your path and help you become one with your higher power. Along with that my psychic reading, I do help the coping process by meditation and spiritual cleansing if needed. Contact me today to receive advice from a person who treats you like an old friend.

25 years of experience in giving people honest and accurate advice. I have conducted in person readings and online readings. Energy can read be read offline or online without names and date of births needed.

My gifts are Clairvoyant - I "see" the past, present, and future.
Clairaudient - I "hear" information from my guides.
Clairsentient or Empathic - I "feel" energy; from people, situations, etc..
Claircognizant - I "know".. this just seems to happen out of nowhere.
Medium - I "talk" to spirit; human, animal, angelic, etc..