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StarzHopeRaines's Reviews

"Such a beautiful person. Always enjoy her readings. Very honest but reads with compassion. Thank you again."
- T

"Thank you for confirming I'm long overdue for some "life". I'm worth it!"
- Punkytuff1

"He contacted finally as YOU PREDICTED! This lady has been highly accurate when I speak to her. Her predictions are always as she says. Have NO DOUBTS in her abilities! Thank you!! "
- L

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From: PA

Expert Love Psychic specializing in Oracle and Tarot cards readings, and Spirit guide and Angel readings. I am also a Numerologist and dream interptor. I'm here to listen and help you to feel the love, light, and protection that your spirit guides and angels are sending to you at all times. I'm here to act as a bridge between you and them, allowing you to connect to them and them to you. Let me help you communicate with them, and help them relay to you the messages that they are longing to share with you. I have been working as a psychic reader for over 20 years. I’m also a Reiki healer and have assisted in many face to face and long distance Reiki healings. I have helped many people with relationship issues and financial concerns and have assisted them in realizing their hopes, dreams, and goals. I truly feel it's my life's mission to assist others with my psychic and healing abilities, it's also my PASSION. Let me help you move in a positive new direction of success and happiness today.