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From: CA

Hi thank you so much for visiting my page today! I am Spiritualist Shelby. I am a natural born 3rd generation psychic and come from a long line of gifted mastered psychics. I am blessed with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I am able to feel, hear, and see your past, present, along with your future. All I need from you is your first name and date of birth to deliver you the insight needed to heal your past, conquer your present, and receive your divine future.

I have been helping others with psychic readings for 11+ years. I have devoted my life to helping you and others receive the answers you not only want but need .Every goal of every reading I deliver is here to ease your worried mind whether it’s towards career, family, friends, or love, I am here to give you the truth and truth only.

I do specialize in all areas of the heart. With just your romantic interests first name and date of birth as well I am able to connect and tell you their emotions, intentions, thoughts, and feelings towards you. Are you wondering if they’re the one? Or just wondering what’s up and coming in your love life ?I am here to give you those answers today. Not only do I work in all areas of the heart but I also specialize in looking into career, family, friends & more.

I am able to tell you exactly why the past happened, guide you to overcoming the present, and tell you exactly where your future leads you. In some readings I do use tarot cards, dream analysis, astrology, numerology, and oracle cards.

Ready to know exactly what is up and coming in your love life? Ready to hear if that growth in finances is coming soon? Or just ready to hear what’s on the horizon for you, you’re in the right place! I tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. I don’t sugarcoat I tell you exactly what I see hear and feel and how I feel hear and see it. I am non judgmental and I aim for every session with me to be your safe space! I hope to hear from you soon!