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StarzMiercolesGomez's Reviews

"I was impressed with my reading, She was able to describe someone to the tee."
- Trish

"Had a great reading with StarzMiercolesGomez. Looking forward to another one."
- Moosie

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From: NM

Hello I am a natural born psychic in fact my mother was a psychic who was very gifted in dream interruption, I was gifted with communicating with those have passed on, since I was a child I felt very close to Archangel Michael and talked to him constantly, He and my spirits of all kind give me my information, one of my guides who love to help people find wisdom is a dead musician who died long ago he was very spiritual and still is, he seems to always know the future or at least has a good idea of how things are going to go if one continues on their current course he really can help find other options more solutions if needed, I love to read for others because I hear the guidance from spirit so easily that I think why shouldn't I help others who need help in hearing spirit better, I feel I am a very straight forward psychic and can help in all areas of life, there is no subject that I cannot find the truth too, as well as I am very close with the Angels of Death so the spirit realm is where I feel at peace with so communicating is natural and simple, I need no tools all I have to do is listen. I want to be your psychic pal i want to feel your energy and give you the insight you seek, Please let me read for you soon and I look forward to be your oracle.

Other tools I spealize in are;
Oracle cards
Bone throw
Lenormand cards
Spirit board
Egg interruption
Devote of Santa Muerte
LBGTQ+ support