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Psychic readings by StarzShivoni

I am a third generation white witch, Indian healer and advisor. I have thirty years of experience through spiritual guidance and insight advising on love,business,career,health,marriage,family etc.. one session will convince you that I have the ability to help and advise on all matters of life.But there comes a time in everyones life, when they pose all those age-old questions, like Why in the hell am I here? and Isnt there something more to life than this? You know, the usual soul-searching that comes with approaching middle age. I am here to help look into that.

Why are you feeling this way? What brought on these questions & worries? What can i do to help it?

i use tarot cards, Crystals, Mediation, New age Reiki, & all kinds of tools to look into the situation, To see how to help you.

new orleans It has a cosmic energy to it, It makes you see things that you never thought you could, It gives a special power to those who visit. I have spent most of my life there , & this gift has been with me since birth. Its something that was in my generation it is something that i was picked to do, it is my destiny to help others. What is your destiny? Let me help you find that out To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzShivoni Click Here.

StarzShivoni's Reviews

" She was on. I would highly recommend. "

Posted by: candi 3 on 05/02/16
" Sorry about the phone error. Thank you for your help. I will contact you back. You're great :) thank you again. "

Posted by: L on 09/11/15
" I really enjoyed the reading. Was able to tell me alot. I will call her agian. 5 star rating! She is a very good pychic."

Posted by: Patty on 12/29/14
" I've had my fair share of readings and I can honestly say Shivoni has been the best. She's easy to talk to, very quick and accurate and very very informative. She's been spot on with a lot of the things she's mentioned about the person in mind and has given me many predictions. What's also amazing is she's mentioned something that I already suspected for a while that no one would have guessed unless told. I look forward to more readings. Thank you Shivoni, you lifted my spirit up :)"

Posted by: Sara on 12/27/14
" Shivoni is one of the best psychics ive ever come across!she is very accurate and offers very detailed information."

Posted by: Am on 10/04/14
" StarzShivoni is very good and quick. I will return again."

Posted by: unknown on 05/10/14
" Thank you very much!!You were amazing and wonderful :) Highly accurate!!!!"

Posted by: Vee on 05/02/14
" Amazing Psychic! Really took her time to help me and explain whats going on & looked into what was going on with just my name shocked me how much she knew! you must try a reading with her she is definitely worth it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much"

Posted by: LeeAnn on 04/18/14